February 19, 2019

#NoSugarCoating: Kejriwal Is The New “Raees” On The Block

What’s the best way to “De-stress”? Relaxing the “Raees” way? Yes! That’s what Kejriwal, a self declared Aam Aadmi, did to unwind after whirlwind of Goa and Punjab election campaign.

Did he sip on some sugary stuff? His sugar levels are high.

Picture Courtesy : Pinterest

Kejriwal tried to gauge his sugar levels by practicing a weird “Aasana”

Picture Courtesy: NDTV
Picture Courtesy: NDTV

Since the results were alarming, he has decided to dash off to Namma Bengaluru.


Being a Bengalurean, I protest against any dumping of filth into the city which is grappling with Garbage Crisis of epic proportions. The city cannot detoxify a perennial rotten being.  Series of multiple Naturopathy has failed for him. There is a co-relation between body and mind. A healthy mind ensures a healthy living. It hardly comes as a surprise when Kejriwal refused to accept Bhagvad Geeta as a gift. The evil in his mind has overpowered him.

His morbid condition can improve if he chooses to enlighten himself through Bhagvad Geeta.

Kofi Annan praised AAP’s Mohalla Clinic model of Healthcare. Why can’t Mohalla Clinics treat a Diabetic person? Why this Aam Aadami has become “Raees” to waste taxpayers money on “Medical Tourism”? MCD workers remain unpaid for months and this guy comes to Bengaluru to spread “Garbage” of a different variety which is highly toxic and non degradable. After vitiating the atmosphere of National Capital, he is all set to pollute the “Silicon Valley of India”. Shouldn’t we protest against this intrusion? Kejriwal should be banned from Bengaluru.

No More Filth. We need to keep Bengaluru Alive and Kicking.

Picture Credit: Screen shots from Twitter. Thanks a lot tweeples.


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