May 20, 2019

NOTA Voters – JaiChand’s

Jai Chand is a character belonging to the Indian history that is famous for back stabbing and working against his own people. Such is the fame of this personality anyone indulging in treacherous activity would be given the title “JaiChand” by the people around the person. While some of the JaiChands are extremely dangerous others would be benign in nature.

In the context of Indian democracy, the option of NOTA and the electoral losses of a particular party is now seen as a handiwork of NOTA voters. The strong belief in certain sections of intellectuals regarding this issue is because the number of NOTA votes polled is more than the victory margin in particular places of defeat. This belief rests on the shaky foundation that most of the NOTA voters would indefinitely vote for a particular party and not to various parties evenly. Whether there is truth in these statements regarding the NOTA voters’ real preference is only a Bhagawan’s Knowledge because it is only him who knows the reality in real sense.

On the other hand there are people who happen to be supportive of a particular party and are now declaring that they would vote for NOTA because the party of their normal choosing has not delivered on certain of its electoral statements. Public utterances regarding the voter preferences inside the election booth or near the election booth during elections is considered an electoral offence and the person is not allowed to vote because the secrecy of vote is the most important. But that is another matter in the current context. There are others who want people to not vote for NOTA but instead for the party that might have the highest probability of doing the least harm.

After the recent electoral debacle of Karnataka, the NOTA voters are so much mocked at that the mockery pales in comparison to those who have voted for the various alleged secular, casteist and religious political parties. The supporters of particular political parties dared to mock the NOTA voters but fail to explain why their mockery stops at the doors of voters of casteist, secular and religious parties. It is the same secularism that stops the people from showing their magnanimous sense of equality atleast in the area of voter mockery. In reality it is the failure of the political parties to ensure that the voters migrate towards them instead of other political parties.

The biggest argument that if a particular party does not comeback, then our nation as we know it might not be there in the future. To all those who are scared of their nation, they should stop mocking the NOTA voters as they are not bonded labours or slaves to vote only a particular party. There are lakhs of others who could be pulled towards any party with right policies. If the NOTA voters are called Jai Chands of the nation, then the particular parties can be called Duryodhana of Indian politics. Just like Duryodhana did the insult to the Draupadhi and her husbands ensured the defeat of Duryodhana, same would happen to the particular party if it continues to insult any voters.

People may claim that NOTA voters are Shakuni but Shakuni had only ensured the defeat of the side he followed and his side is the one that committed crimes. The great supporters of political parties remained mute like Bhisma, Drona, etc when Draupadhi was insulted and their silence lead to the downfall of the strong empire until a newer king got established after a bloody battle within the family.  Whether the NOTA voters are Jai Chands or the particular parties acts like Duryodhana only time will tell. The question remains where Vidura, the true follower of Dharma in the empire. In the Kaliyuga, Dharma alone does not matter but Karma also matters.

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