April 19, 2019

Nothing Lost for BJP as yet in UP

will bjp take bold move?

No matter what MSM says or BJP thinks the ground report is not good for BJP in UP.

All is not lost as yet. What will change the voting pattern even now?

BJP has to understand that they won 2014 for specific reason. Though NaMo speech covered development in Gujrat, it was not what people bought as a reason to VOTE for him.

The real reason was to see scamsters in JAIL. And voice for HINDUS who were treated like third grade citizens by all political parties.

Modiji needs to recollect two important points of his speeches in UP (2014).

“Jab beta bolta hai ke train GUJRAT main enter ho gayi hai, to MAA so jaati hai…….”

Second is “56 inch ka seena …”

People believed and voted for MODI, not for BJP. Even today people will vote for MODI not BJP. Most of the MP and MLA are enjoying the BRAND extension of MODI.

No matter what is the report card of development is, people will vote on CASTE. It’s a state election. Ones who are fence sitters needs to be converted into BJP votes.

Having said that TWO simple assurance needs to be given and repeated in all public speeches, circulated widely on Social Media, Print and Out Door Media (Hoardings)

(1) Criminal cases will be filed against all involved in torturing HINDUS, rapes, murders, etc. in first one month of government and thereafter put all serious cases on fast track court.

(2) Educate Minorities on how Samajwadi Party has cheated them. Sharing just two case in point. Waqf Land and Madarsa Scam . Dig more such cases and they have to be narrated umpteen times so that Minorities know how they are being ill treated by SP for ten years. These are facts and not fictions. Distribute leaflet / booklets with facts and figures in each rally. 

Balancing act will not pay dividend. Time to speak straight and give time lines. Time not right to change the BJP IT Cell but they need to be given a warning to pull up their socks. IMG_20170129_200657_800bjpTime for BJP social media team also to wake up and not sit and take credit of winning elections. There are lacs of MODI well wishers working day and night Pan India. There is life beyond Infographics. They treat themselves nothing less than a Cabinet Minister. Have enough to show case if need be.  Neither Akhilesh Mishra nor Amit Malviya has done justice for what they were rewarded.

PM MODI and Shri Amit Shah need to read this article if they are serious to win UP.

Virus of Secularism and widespread Infection in India.


Anyway, on sidelines take immediate action in West Bengal and Kerala where murders are happening at the speed of tampered taxi meter in Mumbai.

UPThough the sample size is small but the message is protection should not be a slogan it has to be seen in action the way Surgical Strike is done, the way Jan Dhan, the way Demonetisation is done, the way development is done. What good use is development if the nationalists are not alive to enjoy the fruit of development. Have already seen some RWs who are not happy with my writing for the last few days. I am true supporter of PM for all the good work he has done and I would pin point flaws without any fear because that is the culture of BJP. Else how am I different from rest.

#SabkiSurakshaSabkaVikas should be the message for all. Development is icing on cake, not the cake.

Once UP elections are over, will write a detailed article on #SabkiSurakshaSabkaVikas

Time is running out in West Bengal and Kerala. Government has to take proactive measures to ensure safety for all, including law abiding Muslims. 

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