April 23, 2019


Don’t know whose brainchild it is but the LibroSecular’s have latched on to it with gusto.

The ‘Darbari Elitists’ are working overtime for it to succeed, the social network is leveraged to spread the message urging people to participate and congregate in big numbers . The Muslim community which has borne the brunt of Beef attacks is widely expected to back the ‘Movement’ .

‘Not In My Name’ is a global movement against ‘Mob Lynchings’, predominantly aimed at creating awareness and highlighting theScreenshot_2017-06-29-08-38-48-177_com.twitter.android plight of victims of atrocities in the Middle East . The killings , the beheading , the crude & cruel punishment , the lawlessness and the utter disregard for ‘Human Life’, are routine happenings in THAT part of the world  that needs the attention of the world.

But , how relevant is the movement in ‘THIS Part of the World – Our World’ ?

Admitted, there are incidents of mob culture , admitted some indulge in activities that find no sanction under our laws , admitted the acts of the fringe are deplorable and condemnable. But are we a ‘Mobacracy’ as is being made out by a  disgruntled section of our society ?

Screenshot_2017-06-29-08-39-18-432_com.twitter.androidThis is an attempt to paint an  ‘Apolitical’ movement with a political brush in India . The motive is Political , the propagators are Political and the message is clearly Political .

The duplicity of the campaigners is explicit , DSP Ayub Pandit’s lynching finds no mention in the log books of these elitists , but then , how can it figure in their agenda – he was not lynched by a ‘Sanghi’ or a ‘Bhakt’ .

This is a motivated campaign to create schisms in the society by giving a religious hue to a global movement that has nothing to do with Religion .

‘NotInMyName’ is movement of ‘Humanity against Inhumanity’, please don’t make it a ‘Hindu against Muslim’ platform to settle political scores.

Picture Credit: Screenshots from Twitter


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