April 19, 2019

Now Nation is getting Impatient

It suits a commentator and cricketers to speak words and sentences like I think…… What needs to be done… let us see …….. we may …….

IMG_20161221_111736_873But in politics when you are the ruling party the choice of words has to be simple. Else it gives birth to speculation. Not only news traders will twist the meaning to their advantage but the supporters too get agitated. Specially when it is related to something as serious as Demonetization.

From now on to January 31, 2017 a lot is going to be discussed on prime time and in Print Media. Keep aside umpteen viral WhatsApp posts that nationalists keep explaining to their own relatives and close friends most of the times.

Politics has always been a business of perception and timing. 2014 was all about it. The communication was taken care by social media who worked selflessly for Modi. Now the scene is changed. nationalists need consistency in action and then the support shall follow. We can’t have a burnol moment from our very own.

It is natural to amend some process mid way for one of the most herculian exercise likeIMG_20161222_074608_772 Demonetisation but to do it with casual approach where the real gist is interpreted in different ways is not acceptable. While learned RW will disagree with the writer. The key point is entire nation is not on Twitter. There are gullible simple citizens who read the newspapers and even today watch anti India programs unknowingly.


Time the government gets proactive and not remain reactive. All throughout the present day government has failed in controlling the news traders. There is a limit that RW can fight on social media. The writer of this article has plenty of content that he has received on WhatsApp and it is painting the government in bad light. What is BJP IT Cell doing? Creating the routine infographics of achievements. It’s good but there is much more to be done. What is the legal cell of BJP doing? When Rana Ayub posted tweet of salt being sold for INR 400 per kg neither Mumbai nor Delhi police acted on it. Was it not a rumor? This is dual standard. Why no action? Some respected journalists are doing best to support the government for genuine cause with no selfish interest. The issue is the government has to help itself.



Statements like these from FM are not in good light and show government in poor light.


The initiative by Modiji is no doubt worth praising but he needs to have a dedicated team of learned people handling contingency plan post Dec 30, 2016. Not anyone coming and making some casual statement. They need to be simple and easy to understand by the masses.

Support this with 100% cashless donations announcement for BJP at least. Let other political parties take their own voluntary call.

If at all any relief on IT exemption or new slab to the salaried is to be given, let it happen fast. It will reduce the frustration level of genuine tax payers.

Take immediate action for the worsening situation of Hindus in West Bengal. Patience is running out and we can’t be audience to one of the biggest Hindus Massacre post Independence. Just showing concern and press conference will not help. News traders are busy covering overseas news and opposition busy in Secular Tragedy Tourism. Only hope is Central Government. It can’t be seen doing balancing act.

Go after A to Z scams narrated in pre election speeches. And not bank on only Dr. Swamy to play centre forward all the time.

Nation is still behind Modi and knows he is the best choice to lead but that can’t be taken as granted. There are decisions that can be taken and now is the time to go after all doable things. 2019 is not far and we can’t have handful from inner circle spoiling the splendid work done by Modi go down the drain.

Nation knows Modi plays big and is innovative. There may be some low and some high. The show must go on to keep critics at bay. Sharing one message received on WhatsApp with due credit to the unknown writer.

जो मुस्कुरा रहा है, उसे दर्द ने पाला होगा..
जो चल रहा है, उसके पाँव में छाला होगा..
बिना संघर्ष के इन्सान चमक नही सकता, यारों..
जो जलेगा उसी दिये में तो, उजाला होगा..!!

Picture Credit: Btvin – mobile and as always million thanks to superb twitter friends.

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