May 23, 2019

Observation of Mumbai Civic Polls

BJP is currently at the epicenter of Indian politics and to maintain its primacy it needs to be in lead position where ever it has some ground support. The financial capital of India has been an elusive dream for the BJP to have under its governance.The Elder Thackeray might have had a good relation with the senior BJP leaders and the alliance continued with BJP as junior partner. The chota Thackeray’s fought among themselves leading to a split in the hope of getting the claim over Elder Thackeray’s legacy. But the legacy remains not with the Thackerays but with the people of Mumbai or Maharashtra.

After the demise of Shri Bal Thackeray, the BJP saw an opportunity to take a lead position and broke away the alliance with the Thackeray only during the assembly polls. The two parties fought for the 2014 elections as allies. The mandate people gave for the assembly has put the BJP in the driver’s seat and the current CM seemed to have delivered some results and the support for the BJP increased at the grassroots level.

The current BJP leaders might have sensed this long before the assembly polls. Hence for getting into the pole position in the state of Maharashtra, BJP needed to fight against its own ally and to remain in power, it needed the breakup of Congress and NCP. If the two so called secular corrupt parties had remained together, then BJP, SS would have lost miserably. It might be for the prospects of getting the state of Maharashtra under their governance, BJP might have gone soft on Pawar’s corrupt past and ensured that he did not make an alliance with Congress.

Apart from this strategy, the foolishness and high handedness of the BJP star campaigner, Shri Rahul Gandhi helped them further. Had the NCP-Congress alliance fought against BJP, SS and made a pre poll alliance all over the state, then the situation might have been drastically different. Now Pawar continues to remain away from Congress leading to the rout of both of them. But the Pawar family is safe with nominal positions and privileges for life and keeps a distance from the long arms of the law. When a corrupt convict Lalu is enjoying his home stay, the BJP could give some breath of life to Pawar who is yet to be brought to courts.

BJP seem to be following some shrewd Raj Dharma to bring good to the largest number of people. Even though not going after corrupt Pawar might be adharma, if they go then it would lead to the decimation of BJP in Maharastra as Pawar would join the secular forces.. It is important to remain in power to do good to the people and they seem to be doing good to a great number of people. The Jal Yukt Shivir might be an example. This is Governance Dharma of the new BJP leadership.

Peace & Prosperity to the People of Maharashtra

Om Shanthi

bhatVijendra Bhat

Experienced in Steel Foundry Industry for 6 years and currently working as an Assistant Professor in an Engineering College in Udupi district, Karnataka. Interested in the politics and revival of Bharat.



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