February 19, 2019

Of Pappu, Parkar and Padmawati…

“I give them what they want, so that they will want, what I want to give”

The Bookkeeper believes there will be attempts made by the liberal cabal to push its narrative to the youth. This will happen through films, music, TV, ‘poetry jams’, nonsensical Whatsapp forwards, etc. One should not be surprised to find a sudden surge in movies that glorify arab plunderers of India. There will be attempts made to also humanize and perhaps idolize ruthless gangsters. The figures will be painted in a Guevara-esque colour, of being a rebel, of fighting against ‘the rigid, patriarchal, misogynistic, casteist, ritualistic, mindset of the Hindu, controlled by the north Indian hindi speaking Brahmin male’ (hope I did not miss any cliché). The reason for this impending visual onslaught is simple, to influence the minds of the young voter.  The rapist will become the lover, and the criminal will become the rebel.

The young voter is what put Narendra Modi into power in 2014. Consider this, in the 2014 polls, ~25% of the new voters were in the 18-19 year old age group, nearly 50% if you include those till the age of 22 years. In all, eligible voters in the 18-23 years range were just under 50 million. In just seven states with the youngest voting population (C’garh, J’khand, MP, Delhi, UP, Assam and Rajasthan), the simple average vote share of BJP was 46% vs. national average of 31%. It is this segment of young, first time voters who are convinced by his argument of development over the usual ‘appease Muslims and any one caste group to win elections’ approach that had cost India its golden years post-independence.

By the time 2019 rolls around, the influence of younger votes will intensify. A staggering 133 million are estimated to be first time voters in the 2019 elections. This is the generation that doesn’t remember 2002 and doesn’t know of Ayodhya. It is these minds that need to be captured by Narendra Modi’s vision for India, if he is to win. While Modi is doing his bit through MUDRA loans for entrepreneurship, free gas connections, bank accounts, the liberal cabal will use the mediums at their disposal, namely the creative arts and the film industry.

It not for nothing that Rahul Gandhi is projected as one blessed with perpetual youth. It is not for nothing that he is touring colleges on a regular basis. Is it indeed a coincidence that that a ‘love’ story about an Mughal prince and Rajput Princess released just 1 year or so before the 2009 general elections; and another film allegedly showing a ‘love’ story between a Mughal prince and a Rajput princess will be releasing just a year or so before the 2019 polls? Has anyone noticed a sudden upsurge in overly political and anti Narendra Modi Whatsapp forwards circulating on various groups? Also, a sudden surge in ‘youtube’ videos perhaps? The Bookkeeper believes it is to ensure that the first time voter is swayed away from voting for the Congress.  A person’s first vote matters. The Bookkeeper knows of several people who vote for Congress only because “I have always voted for it”, or “my family is a Congress voter”, type reasons. 42% of the voters make their minds about who to vote even before the campaign starts (as per CSDS post poll 2014 survey).

It is important to be vigilant. Remember, 100 million people voted for Congress in the last general elections. That is not a small number by any stretch of imagination. Nearly 20% of those surveyed by CSDS (post poll 2014) preferred a Gandhi, or their appointee as the Prime Minister of India. Indian National Congress was still the no. 2 party as per the same survey to the question “which party has raised issues that you consider most important”. 18% felt that the Congress was better part for administering India. 15.8% identified themselves as traditional Congress voters (more than 15.2% for the BJP). This is after seeing a disastrous 10 years riddled with scams and the (now infamous) interview of Rahul Gandhi by Arnab Goswami.

No wonder the liberal cabal is enthused with the prospects of winning young hearts and minds over with covert propaganda films and TV programming. And it is this that motivates a certain type of a film maker.

Disclaimer: Consider the above post completely fictional. Any resemblance to any movie, or person, living, dead, imaginary, or about to release completely coincidental and with no intention to cause harm or tarnish reputations of anyone or anything.


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