April 24, 2019


When Ram Nath Kovind was selected as the NDA’s Presidential candidate, many people inducing myself did not who this person was. The age of internet helps to mine information easily and looking at his credentials the first thought that came was “ a good hand at government affairs”. The qualifications of Ram Nath were good for taking any job that is available in any sector of governance. Ram Nath Kovind is no APJ Kalam but Kalam too will be no Ram Nath Kovind.

Many in the media and their partners could not come to terms that their own is nominated as the Presidential candidate. The list of presidential hopefuls made by the media, intellectuals would be the popular names among the current breed of politicians, industrialists, media friendly peoples and other celebrities. Anyone outside the radar of the media is to be considered as useless and the media goes on a hit job of discrediting the person, his words and activities.

Not many sane people would have checked the caste of the Presidential candidate as he is the real guardian of the nation, Chief Commander of the Defense Forces. But our highly egoistic intellectuals think only about the caste and for them caste is the sole criterion for making of a candidate and the lifetime works of a person are secondary. This is the most laughable ethics as practiced by the Indian intellectuals and their so called alleged rights warriors.

Let us see one incident to make the case of the laughable ethics. When Gurgaon’s name was being decided to change to Gurugram in honor of Drona of Mahabharata, the great media circus people made lot of noise and told us that Drona has cheated a dalit boy Ekalavya. The Drona showed partiality and favored an upper caste student Arjuna and asked for the thumb of Ekalavya destroying the life of a young archer. Little did Ekalavya know that he belonged to the non-existent dalit grouping of the modern times.

Coming to the present, a Dalit Ram Nath Kovind is selected as a Presidential candidate by the so called upper casteist BJP and the whole kingdom is against BJP for doing this. The issue here is Ram Nath Kovind being a RSS candidate is a bad ethic as per our intellectuals and is equal to Drona seeking Evalavya’s thumb as guru dakshina knowing his mindset. Similarly in the modern times the media is not happy with Ram Nath just because he is a RSS candidate.

One thing is clear, media never wanted the empowerment of the alleged dalit groupings who are the schedule castes and tribes. It is belief of the media and their masters that the people from weaker sections have never been in ruling position and hence have not benefitted from the nation and are bludgeoned into submission by all other castes. History is twisted and warped by the intellectuals to create a particular thought process and it might be difficult to understand the true reasons for events that happened in ancient times.

Whether Ekalavya has lost his thumb due to his mindset or Ram Nath Kovind is being opposed for being a RSS/BJP guy is immaterial. The main point is they media and their intellectuals wanted to show that the weaker sections are always made to suffer by other groups so that  the colonial agenda of destroying our country continues unabated. But the real people of this country never had as much trouble in giving high position to everyone who was great in thought and actions. Making Ram Nath Govind the presidential candidate is one such step in the direction of progress which is antithesis to the media intellectuals and their masters.

OMG! Ram Nath Kovind Shall be our President and he is a RSS, BJP guy.

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