One day opposition would Appease Hindus

Crores of citizens came together in 2010 on social media and the numbers kept on growing till 2014 to sow the seeds of Ram Rajya. A small tree of Ram Rajya had to be planted Pan India. Citizens have shown immense patience against News Traders and political parties who are even now hell bent on uprooting the peace and progress of the Nation. PM Modi is like a Banyan Tree. You can sit under the banyan tree, relax, enjoy, grow and continue to take benefits. But if someone tries to uproot a banyan tree, the result is only one, assured failure. Gradually one after another each state is voting for BJP. Why? One doesn’t need to explain this. Enough of opportunities were given by citizens to Congress and other political parties. This enough is six decades and not small time by any standard. What citizens got in return was appeasement politics. They had all the reasons for doing so. The previous PM’s and government only focused on Iftaar Parties as if Hindus don’t stay in Bharat. They were over confident that Muslims and few other casts would always vote for them. Poor citizens were not a set of people for … Continue reading One day opposition would Appease Hindus