May 19, 2019

Open Letter to Rahul Gandhi

Dear Rahul,

You may be around two or three years younger to me. I have seen you grow over the years. The first time I saw you on television was at the funeral of your father Shri Rajiv Gandhi. A lot of thoughts came to my mind. Your first day in St Stephen’s College …. There is no end to it. Whatever you do media is really prompt to publish it with all finishing touch to make sure you get the maximum mileage.

This is typically done in an advertising agency. Make sure the perceived value of the product / service is much higher than the actual product. You have always supported Freedom of Expression and with due regards  to you I would use this FOE to convey and share what goes in my mind.

Let us go backwards. Recently I saw you stand in queue to get cash. Why? Please understand the time has changed when people used to sit under hot sun from 9 am in the morning to hear your grandmother Late Smt. Indira Gandhi. They were ignorant, God fearing villagers who used to treat her as God or some super natural person. Penetration of media was hardly there. People were not educated. Google, You Tube, WhatsApp, Twitter was not there. Now some people know more than Google. That’s the kind of era we are living.

Question is why did you come to the bank? Obviously the answer would be to withdraw cash to meet your basic needs.

If that is the answer than I am not convinced. Why?

Because once you said “Poverty is just a state of mind. It does not mean the scarcity of food, money or material things. If one possesses self-confidence, then one can overcome poverty”.

This was your golden moment to demonstrate the same “Poverty is just a State of Mind”. Bhaai I am not kidding. I am damn damn serious. I am not here to find 10 best Jewels of Shri Rahul Gandhi. I am here to show you the mirror.

Your inner circle is misleading you. They are good for nothing. It is not important to know everything. It is important to be transparent. People who write your speeches, who plan your tragedy tourism all need to be given a pink slip.

People are happy to do something for the nation. It’s their time. Difficulty would be there. Sixty years gone in promised ROTI KAPDAA MAKAAN. Wo to mila nahin, Dilli main Saans lena bhi mushkil. That means soon people have to buy Air Purifiers.


OK let me answer that as well. Bhakts have a dirty habit of talking with evidence. They also have a habit of criticizing even Modiji. Social Media gets abuzz every time a BJP leader gives an interview to NDTV. They were most vocal when a MoU was signed between Ministry of Textiles and company related to NDTV. Unfortunately your party doesn’t allow dissent.

You remember visiting Kalawati in Maharashtra and then talking about her in Parliament with regard to Nuclear energy. Feel sorry her needs were met by Shri. Nitin Gadkari.

Why? From that time to date you have met many people in need. And latest being the alleged suicide case of Ex Defense staff and then a Sarpanch related to your political party. Bhaai povery is a state of Mind. I was an average student of science and maths. Please enlighten me how this State of Mind can be applied. If yes then what was the need to withdraw cash or exchange it?

One more thing that probably our space scientists or probably NASA may educate me is Jupiter Velocity.


I mean you are out of this world. Arnab says Nation wants to Know I say The World Wants to Know. How?

Bhaai forget the poor. Please use this Jupiter ka Velocity for UP and 2019 elections. It will surely help. Most inter – state bus have seating capacity in the range of 35 to 45. Your party MPs are 44 good enough to fit in an TATA bus. In case the number goes to 4 then they can easily fit in an ALTO.  And if cost cutting is still on then Mr. Tharoor have one more occasion to Tweet on cattle class.

Friendly advise people can read between the lines. Don’t hold yourself back to visit the person in need. Had you visited the Dentist killed in road rage the citizens of India would have seen your gesture in a different perspective.

Opposition doesn’t mean OPPOSITION to everything.  I am 69 born and kids address me as Uncle. I can remain a YOUTH in my State of Mind but for society I have lost the tag of YOUTH long back.


You too have raised voiced concern on Corruption. Come join hands with the NATION . Yes you are right. I am sure you would remember this. Modiji has done the needful.

Life moves on. If you disagree with one or more points I have stated here then I most ardently request you to have a debate with me publicly. Will be pleased to clarify your doubts and answer your queries if any.

Picture Credit: Deccan Chronicle The Frustrated Indian YouTube  WhatsApp and Twitter Screenshot. Thanks to all.

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