February 19, 2019

Open letter to Shri Arvind Kejriwal

Vatican Visit

Subject : Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee will attend Mother Teresa’s sainthood ceremony in Vatican on September 4.
It is a very strange situation that Shri Arvind Kejriwal is going to attend Mother Teresa sainthood ceremony in Vatican on the 4th of September 2016. Why I call it strange is because Mother Teresa was primarily doing her charity work in WB & Kolkata, yes it cannot be denied that she had “Missionary of Charity” in a lot of other places across the nation. I also do know that, yes Mr Kejriwal worked with “Missionary of Charity” for some time and if he was invited in such capacity of an Ex-worker for the time that he had spent with “Missionary of Charity”, then it is a personal visit.
Furthermore, he is taking along his Entourage inclusive of the Delhi home minister Shri Satyendra Jain. Interestingly Shri Satyendra Jain had tweeted some time back that the LG has not approved his file for this visit and that his file was with LG office for the last few days.
We must ask from the two elected public representatives of state under what capacity are the two of them travelling to Vatican? If there travelling as Delhi Chief Minister and home minister Delhi then the following questions arise:
1. Where is the invite to the Delhi chief minister and home minister?
2. Are they going to sign some agreements for delhi? If so what agreements?
3. Who is paying for this travel? How many people are traveling?
4. Is Vatican forwarding some loan to Delhi for development work or is there any official Delhi government work that they will be doing there?
5. What discussions will Shri Satyendra Jain, Delhi home minister will do which shall directly or indirectly would be related to Home affairs of the state of delhi? As I understand Vatican is a “Religious city nation” taken care by Italy and can have no direct impact of home affair of delhi.
If the answer to all of the above is a big NO, then they must travel in individual capacity and they should also declare the source of funding for the same!
Also when I tweeted about this Aam Aadmi Party supporter ask me why did PM Narendra Modi ji go to Pakistan on 25dec 2015 to which my simple submission is:
1. Delhi government does not have a Foreign ministry.
2. International diplomacy calls for various actions to be exercise which is under the preview of the Prime Minister of India as prescribed and exercised under the convents of the Constitution of India.
It is my humble submission, that these pertinent questions should be asked of Mr Arvind Kejriwal,Mr Satender Jain. It will be important to mention that Aam Aadmi Party had stated it publically that they were short on funds to operate and fight elections! So will it spend on this junket?

Where is the promise of asking delhi before anything is exercised or executed for delhi!!

Thanking you

Raman Malik (spokesperson BJP HR)

Spokesperson BJP (HR)
Ex-National Co Convener- BJP Communication cell 
रमन मलिक 
भा जा पा (संवाद)
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