April 23, 2019

Operation “Vanquish Pakistan” ……

“Vande Mataram”

The State of Pakistan has long been accused of being both; a terrorist sponsor as well as a terrorist State.

Based on the suspicion that the then Maharaja of Kashmir (Hari Singh) was planning to accede to the Republic of India, it was on 25 August 1947 that the Muslim Conference wrote to the Pakistani Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan warning him that “if, God forbid, the Pakistan Government or the Muslim League do not act, Kashmir might be lost to them” – This set the first ball rolling and Pakistan initiated an economic blockade of Kashmir, which at that time was an independent kingdom. At the same time, Sardar Ibrahim, leader of the Muslim Conference in Poonch, established the first known militant base in Muree (now in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir).

He was joined in his efforts by Major General Mohammed Akbar Khan who later became the in-charge of the Pakistani Army Forces during the first India-Pakistan war of 1947. His principal role was in arranging guns and devising strategies for war and revolt by Sardar Ibrahim’s branch of the Muslim Conference against Hari Singh with the help of the Pakistan Army. This was one front organized by Pakistan against the Kashmir government of Hari Singh. The second front was the transportation by Pakistan forces of the Lashkar Tribals (Pathans and Mashuds) in an attempt to capture Srinagar.

This action in 1947 can be considered as the first act of sponsored terrorism by the State of Pakistan. It rapidly made progress in this unique industry and in 1993 the United States included it in the list of countries that ‘repeatedly provides support for acts of International Terrorism”. Of course the same USA would become the bosom buddy of Pakistan when the then Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan. Pakistan became the launch-pad and support structure provider to the U.S. in their bid to aid, arm and train the Islamic Mujahidin to fight against USSR. When the “War against Terror” was announced in 2001 by the then USA President George W. Bush; Pakistan got a higher ‘status’ in their relationship with the USA; from bosom buddy to bed-partner.

Throughout its miserable existence since 1947, successive governments of Pakistan have indulged in acts of terrorism against its own people (Baluchistan and NEFA), against India (repeated terror attacks), against the world (remember Pakistan was the first country to recognize the terrorist Taliban) and against itself. (Inter-services-Agency [ISI] sponsored terrorists went out of their control and have been consistently attacking military and civilian targets inside Pakistan). Successive Pakistani regimes have committed and in many instances surpassed almost every crime that was committed by the Nazis in Europe during the World War II period (for which the USA / UK had conducted their infamous Nuremberg trials); and yet the same USA and UK remain particularly blind in the present about Pakistan’s activities; because of whatever political considerations they deem important.

Today, Pakistan is still being supported in its terror industry by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, China and USA. Indian, while being the major and first victim of Pakistan’s terror activities, still chooses to play a passive and docile role in accepting the slaughter of our own Brave-hearts of the Army and Para-military forces. The current BJP Govt. keeps talking of the retaliatory cross-border raids that our heroes successfully undertook (and are still undertaking as needed) to damage the Pakistani assets; but overlooks a very important fact of conflict.

Pakistan is at War with India with a specific goal to capture and conquer Kashmir; while the Indian Govt. officials (including our 56” chest sized Prime Minister) is reacting with pin-pricks of random raids that are not in any way diminishing the attack capability of Pakistan.

Add to this the psychological issue; that since our Armed Forces personnel are not given a long-term, clear-cut goal or objective to achieve, they are fighting with one arm tied-behind their back. (Defense of our mother-land is a generic viewpoint and not a mission goal or objective).

It is upon us, the people of Hindustan to secure our Nation, our culture and our happy way-of-life. Submitting to terrorist Islam or any of its variations was never an acceptable choice, and now it’s a danger that has to be destroyed from its roots. Pakistan and Saudi sponsored terrorist Islam has already taken root in India; with Kashmir, West Bengal, Bihar, and Uttar Pradesh being affected, leading to a complete lack of law-and-order, where radical Islamists are committing crimes with impunity and have announced a clear agenda that they are working to conquer and subjugate India. The Govt. of Shri. Narendra Modi listens quietly, and does nothing. It does not even try to enforce simple law and order per Constitutional Law, just keeps silent.

When our Brave-hearts sacrifice their lives for our country, to keep us safe; the Government reacts with statements of “heartfelt regret” and offers monetary compensation to the heroes families. (As if the Heroes fought for money. No, they fought for our country). While sundry ministers make a bee-line to bow before the coffins of our dead, the Home Minister makes his regular and repetitive speech, whereby he will make a “vituperative” statement against the latest attack. Interestingly, he now has upgraded the contents his statements against terrorist attacks from being only vituperative to being extra-vituperative. (निंदा से घोर निंदा तक).

We have to take action to defend ourselves. The first part is to force the Govt. of India to take a strong, fighting stance against Pakistan. It should be the declared policy of the Indian Govt., that within a specified period of time, Hindustan will take away POK from Pakistan and bring the entire State of Kashmir under the laws of the “Constitution of India”. Effectively, the Govt. has to announce an expiry date for Article 370 with respect to Kashmir as well as a battle schedule to remove all Pakistani government assets and their control from Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK), and surrounding areas.

The second part is for the majority of Indians to isolate Pakistan and Saudi Arabia on other fronts. No sports interactions, no peace dialogues, no commerce or trade and no cultural interactions. The People must protest against such activities if undertaken by the Govt. and prevent them from taking place. If every self-respecting Hindustani takes this one crucial decision, the Govt. will have no choice, but to accept the people’s verdict.

What about the actual invasion of Pakistan? The details are best left to our country’s military planners; but the social and political foresight and vision has to be clear. Indian armed forces will put boots-on-the-ground; initially to liberate and repossess the territory of POK and surrounding areas, destroy all Pakistani military assets and sponsored terrorist camps in the area and capture enemy troops if they are wearing the official military uniforms of Pakistani forces (as per the Geneva convention). The rules of this convention will not apply to non-state enemy and they will be considered as ‘terrorists with deadly intentions’, unless proven otherwise. Essentially, the Hindustani armed forces will have clear instructions and official mandate to use deadly force against non-uniformed persons bearing military arms and munitions; and they can be killed without prior warning or any emotions of mercy. This procedure has already been adopted by USA using Drone warfare in Afghanistan and Iraq / Syria on a daily and regular basis to attack and kill terrorists. Russia has also adopted this strategy in Syria to target those whom are considered terrorists. Once POK is liberated from Pakistani control, the Hindustani forces will work towards the breakup of the current territory that comprises the nation of Pakistan and divide it into independent Nations like Baluchistan, Sindh, NEFA / Pakhtun, et al. While this process of break-up will lead to violence, de-stability and localized violent conflict, it will keep the Islamic forces fighting amongst themselves while the rest of the world can rest back and watch. The Govt. of Indian will definitely have to be proactive and work at high speed to secure all the nuclear assets of Pakistan and ensure its safe custody at the first instance.

If, and this is a very big IF; the Shri. Narendra Modi Govt. actually does find the courage to take this step; Hindustan would be in the fore-front to not only stop terrorism in an effective and comprehensive manner; but would actually enhance its image as a country committed to global peace and world harmony. We must remember that before Lord Shriram started his Rajya (reign) that brought happiness and prosperity to his citizens; he had to fight a bloody and ruthless war against Lanka’s King Ravan and defeat him. Of course, it’s incorrect to compare Pakistan with Ravan since the former is a State built on deceit and a fanatic, cruel ideology; while the latter was a scholar who preached the secrets of effective public governance to Shri Laxman (brother of Lord Shriram) as he lay dying on the battlefield.

In a nutshell, we – the Country of Hindustan, has to take military action to defeat those who are currently in control of Pakistan and are using a regressive, negative and inhuman ideology in their attempt towards the regional conquest of the Indian continent; and to ensure the full and complete defeat of the Islamic forces of evil – in order to ensure the survival of our Indic values, our glorious culture that spans back thousands of years and our spiritual and emotional values of humanity towards all.

Jai Hind.


Author: ‘Sardar’ Sanjay Matkar

Dated: 18 February 2017

Twitter: @sanjaymatkar


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Picture Credit:India Today



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