April 21, 2019

Opposition ki Khichdi

The liberals and anti Modi brigade hate is breaking all records to insult Bharat. Latest is KHICHDI. The opposition is doing exactly what the ruling party wants to do. Omarji wants to know whether he has to stand up every time he see it being eaten. Well all he can do is stand up and thank the armed forces and all men in uniform who are guarding him despite his family support to azadi. For liberals attending friday prayers with stones in hand is OK. None including him said anything.

Making fun of our tradition is nothing new. Filing PIL on Hindu rituals and asking silly questions on social media without knowing Hindu culture is a consistent affair. Killing cow in public is OK in one state and feeding cow in another state has nothing to do with politics for them.

What is KHICHDI after all?

It is derived from the Sanskrit word खिच्चा This is popular amongst poor and middle class. This is healthy, easy to cook and economical.

The Greek ambassador of Seleucus mentioned that rice with pulses is very popular among people of India in South Asia.[12] The Moroccan traveller, Ibn Battuta mentions kishri as a dish in India composed of rice and mung beans, during his stay circa 1350.[13] Khichdi is described in the writings of Afanasiy Nikitin, a Russian adventurer who travelled to the South Asia in the 15th century. Khichdi was very popular with the Mughals, especially JahangirAin-i-Akbari, a 16th-century document, written by Mughal EmperorAkbar’s vizierAbu’l-Fazl ibn Mubarak, mentions the recipe for khichdi, which gives seven variations.[14]

I have seen many high profile people ordering KHICHDI after their HAPPY HOURS session. This is a reliable food and most dependable during fasting days. Kolkota has a specialized restaurant Khichdi Khichdi 

JP Mittal in his book History of Ancient India (From 4250 BC to 637 AD) mentions that one night during the war between Chandragupt and Dhana Nand, Chandragupt and Chanakya came under attack and took shelter in a village. A lady served them Khichdi. Her son was also present and put his finger right in the centre of Khichdi and burned his finger. The lady said “You are a fool like Chandragupt to directly attack Patliputra instead of attacking the bordering areas. Chandragupt and Chanakya got the message.

Anti Modi brigade should spare INR 50 and order a book online DIET and DIET Reform by Mahatma Gandhi. In this book he throws light on healthy food and habits and not to miss the chapter My Faith in Vegetarianism.

Taking the discussion forward briefly. A lot of RWs are keen to know what NaMo and Amit Shah are doing. Trust they are busy conquering the bordering forts who have legal footprints of corruption. Once this outer security is breached, dynasty will have very few to protect them in their A to Z scam investigation.

Ones who are making fun of KHICHDI should respect our culture in every form. Well no one needs to stand and none from RW would file PIL. We have better things to do. Practice, enjoy and continue with our culture.

Before I sign off, would make an ardent request to our Hon. Minister Ms Harsimrat Kaur Badal to try and roll a food festival of Punjab. Makki ki Roti Sarson ka Saag is a favorite during winters and restaurants make a point to have it on their menu by default. This can be used and linked with tourism and culture promotion. Each state recipe can be promoted jointly with the state and History of the recipe can be shared on Social Media and other platform.

Bharat has rich culture and traditions. Time to share with young ones and practice.

Jai Hind


Picture Credit: Screenshot from Twitter.




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