May 24, 2019

‘OPS’ – Man of the Moment..

The demure and subservient  O.Paneerselvam, who hitherto preferred to remain in the shadows of his beloved AMMA has finally decided to assert himself after her demise.

Sashikala’s assumption that ‘once a shadow – always a shadow’ backfired because OPS was out to prove that ‘Shadows have Life’ .

The dramatic meditation at Amma Samadhi and the subsequent defiance of a domineering ‘ChinAmma’ is all history now .

As they say – a lot has flown under the bridge, be it allegations and counter-allegations, resort politics, Governor’s absence and subsequent procrastination, increasing gloominess in the Sashikala camp and elation in the OPS ranks.

The outcome is the biggest suspense, a thriller that everyone is anxiously waiting for. Look at the paradox, on the one side you have a lady who has the numbers but is uncertain and worried and on the other-side is a man who has nothing, but is oozing  confidence.

If perceptions could win elections then OPS is a clear winner. The public sympathies lie with AMMA’s chosen Man-Friday. OPS once the butt of jokes and jibes has dramatically shed the image of a ‘foot-mat’ to emerge as Leader .

Although he enjoys popular support, it’s restricted to the social media. Jallikattu pervaded the social media and also flooded the streets, a similar outpouring of public support with people descending into the streets to pledge support to OPS could once and for all put an end to the sleazy drama of Money, Power, threat and coercion that has tarnished the political image of Tamil Nadu.

‘Modern India can only be built by able administrators’ – We don’t live in a feudal age when succession was a family business, we live in a progressive era where a statesman succeeds another .

Can people of Tamil Nadu afford to sit at home and allow “Resort Politics” – an absurd game of Confinement , Intimidation & Greed to make a mockery of Tamil Pride ?

Time for every MLA to go HOME and heed the Voice of Conscience and the Voice of the people of their Constituency .



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