May 19, 2019

OROP – Tug of War

Ever since Shri Modi spoke about OROP at a rally in Rewari the expectation were high. Then came the day when he became PM.

What followed every one knows. Listing down facts to get feedback.








President of India has rightly said…….



And the government is working in that direction. The best of the talents are available on both sides. Media has to be sidelined if this issue has to be resolved. It has to be government and veterans only for all pending issues and clarification.


And now over to Shri Kejriwal who wants to portray himself as second to Raja Harishchandra



The intention of the government is right. OROP is implemented. There are some flaws. These needs to be corrected. News Traders will not create desired result. Ones who are not satisfied should use the appropriate platform. My Gov team has done little on OROP. Where are the infographics? Why can’t they come out with details in chronological order?

Our defense forces needs the best treatment and there should be no scope for any doubts. The government too should come out with a Video message on national television and let it be translated into regional languages. This is the time for the government to put a clarification in print media as well. Why let rumor industry flourish?

Picture Credit: Like Success, WhatsApp and Screenshots of Twitter shared.


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