April 19, 2019

Over Ground Workers of Terrorists

Now hon. Home Minister should do the needful.

Paid stone pelters had a free run for years together. Courtesy, section of media empathizing with them instead of the men in Uniform.

Citizens all across India have been concerned and vocal on the issue. But the way Army Chief Bipin Rawat has warned stone pelters is highly appreciated by all, barring few well wishers.

kashmir_newsnviewsOVER GROUND WORKERS. Trust this covers all. The ones who areIMG_20170216_063020_013 seen blocking and fighting the Indian Army and other man in Uniform. And the ones who are unseen as well. The ones who fit into the UNSEEN category are the ones who wants to run their own courts and royally announcing SOCIAL MEDIA ACTIVIST, SON of SCHOOL HEAD MASTER, list is endless. Best I share screen shots to put things in proper perspective.

These screen shots cover facts and both side of the thinking.










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Humanity is in our blood but it can’t be one way traffic. Handful of anti nationals haveheld the nation to ransom. Our Men in Uniform can’t be used as fodder to feed HUMAN RIGHTS, AMNESTY and TRPs. Enemy is enemy, if it understands bullet, so be it why discuss Pellet Guns that were introduced by Congress but marketed by Paid Media as if it is a creating of NDA2 

Two old article will do the rest here.

Human Rights for Whom?

Pellet Guns – No One Questions Man Mohan, Sonia and Omar

kashmir 2 Kashmir 1




Screenshot_2016-11-28-10-35-58 arnab











IMG_20170216_090243_150 IMG_20170216_085722_835


Screenshot_2016-09-23-10-56-18 (1)



While there is no harm when senior ministers share their views and shown concern for an individual………


It is desirable that HOME MINISTER does a trump on all anti nationals. When criminals reach pinnacle of their career in crime they turn politician. While learned work under the shield of Social Activists, NGO and Professors. The formula to evade law is mastered by many. What are we waiting for? A school student is arrested just for a Facebook post why not others?

Police Commissioners of Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore have written on Twitter that rumors should not be spared but when a secular journalist spreads rumor on rising prices of SALT no one questions the journo. What is the message government is sending? I have no problem with POLICE. They will act only if there is free hand given for law and order just like Indian Army. Please wake up. Ordinary citizens have high expectations. Swachh Bharat has to be 360 degree.

Swachh Bharat should not be only for hygiene. Got to be for cleaning of ANTI NATIONALS as well.   Human Rights are for HUMANS. In the name of protecting Human Rights we can’t remain silent spectators to Men in Uniform being killed by Pakistan sympathisers who are surviving on our tax money.

I am not looking out for any answers. Too small a person to expect that. Am more keen to see action. We are running short of time.

#NEWSTRADERS should be dumped. Time to name them, shame them and legal action taken on top priority.


Picture Credit: Screen Shots from Twitter, thanks a ton tweeples.



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