May 24, 2019

Overcoming the Challenge of Oraginizing and accreditation of Sojo

That moment of minor hesitation in mid step that goes unnoticed by all around us, but we know it as a sign of self doubt, which prevents over confidence, keeps us firmly rooted to the ground, we Know there is no margin for error, success is the only outcome that will be acceptable to us, no space for failure last afternoon , googled to check what result would be thrown up.Not at all surprised with the results , Sojo has different conotations for different People, some have employed this term in Clothing,


Life style, Media, digital designing.

I am not here to discuss whys  and whats of all these uses.

Personally,  SoJo  has been just below the surface, the possibility excites me  and once the entire canvas unfolds it would definitely excite others also , if the sole motive is not profiteering. Social Journalism #SoJo, seeks to identify young, objective independent thinking people, who have the ability to shift thru all the information that is being hurled at the society from various sources, separate  facts from fiction. Build narrative around facts and not fit facts into narrative, Not be swayed by the tall and bogus promises of greener grass on the other side of the hill during electioneering by political parties. Be positive while consuming news from all the sources, have the ability to form an opinion based on the facts and not on decible levels at which the news is delivered, Geobbelsian theory as known is tell a a lie a 1000 times and begins to sound like the truth, similarly a lie told by a 1000 different sources still remains a lie and does not convert into truth.

SoJo is invested with the ability to kill the lie that reaches in the form of news from all sources, SoJo is a responsible, and an Alert citizen who goes about performing the task of eliminating cynicism and injecting positivity, educates others not as a preacher from pulpit ,as a mentor assisting others in self actualization.

The common citizen is missing in the scheme of things of conventional media, same faces every evening regardless of the topic/issue, same lines uttered irrespective of the need of the hour, this is true not just of India, but world over, #SoJo will of the majority shall prevail as it does in every democratic process.

concept of #SoJo is not confrontationist , it’s to uphold & promote the democratic practice of discussion, with a positive approach to find a meeting point. It’s not about who is right & who is wrong, It’s always about benefit of the society at large, time to reclaim the space that rightfully belongs to the common citizens. #SoJo will replace these jack of all trades with more relevant panelists that common citizen can easily relate with, Majorityof  #SoJo are going to be self taught so influence of others is not going to be significant. They will cherish their ability of Independent objective thinking & will spread this Quality in the society. Since #SoJo is not employment based & is driven on the basis of content created by each #SoJo possibility of compromises & dictation are further reduced. Since Software will assess Quality chances of poor quality passing thru is significantly reduced. Conventional media has generalists, #Sojo would offer specialists Biggest advantage persons from conventional media would not be able to sully the image of the #SoJo since they carry no baggage from the past.

Major challenge before me is to organize this huge number , convince them to become members of an Organisation, Association, Confederation, And obtain accreditation for each of them, which would facilitate and enable the SoJo to have unhindered access to cover events, incidents and also interaction with Government functionaries, political leadership and other important members of the political sphere.

Put together a code of conduct that would minimise complaints and missteps that the young amateur SoJo is likely make. Impress upon the Sojo to follow the guidelines of conduct, make them as their second nature.

With severe Paucity of media person of unassailable integrity and high credibility,will have to search for individuals possessing these characteristics in the field of Education, who could mentor the SoJo and instill into them the precious Qualities that would make them an exemplar  This is an onerous task but needs to be done before SoJo becomes a reality. There is no scope for failure. There will be  retake or repeating the exercise. SoJo will indeed be the revolution that most communists, left liberals have been dreaming and fantasizing about for many decade. Landscape of Media will change so drastically, it will be difficult to believe that we had a rotten media prior to advent of Sojo.

SoJo should be treated as an amateur just as we have amateurs in sports, business, education, now we will have in the field of journalism. Allow me the liberty of reiterating; organisation where they would be able to register and obtain the tag of SoJo accreditation plays an important role, which would permit Sojo to attend pressers of important political personalities, sports events, Police and even the entertainment Industry. This move is not going to please the personnel of the conventional media, but the competition will determine the credibility and quality of the talented persons, it’s only a matter of time when the new tribe of ethical credible SoJo replace the dinosaurs of the conventional media.

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