April 19, 2019

Padma Awards – Bye Bye Lutyens

Sukh bhare din beetey rey bhaaiyaa moment for Lutyens started the day Modi was nominated for PM candidate. The announcement of Padma Awards yesterday was a genuine Breaking News.

It makes sense to recognize and give highest possible Awards to all deserving citizens. For decades we have been seeing most undeserving people have got the awards just because they were the BEST in class BOOT LICKERS or BEST in class Deal Makers.

The hate continues and NaMO continues to do all his work with great precision. This is another SURGICAL STRIKE.

This surgical strike is on the ego of the people who feel that their contacts, accent, vocabulary and stupid social work created just for raising funds and photo session can dictate terms. Shame on Media specially. Ones who claim to be the Who’s Who of the industry never used their clout to push for the names who have got the awards. Shame on them for pushing a person like Rahul Gandhi who can’t answer three simple questions of Arnab as PM but have never bothered to focus on the deserving ones.

Foreign funded NGO’s – thousands Padma_awardsshut and others under scanner, Lady Payment’s Farm House in Chhatarpur is without any activity. Access to North and South block is as good as sealed. SELF BRANDED INTELLECTUALS & SUPER Poor occupants of Lutyens Bunglow have been evicted (grand royal kick). An average of 25 people have got Padma Awards from Delhi during Dynasty era. Sounds like Cricket team of Gavaskar Era as if cricketers were not there in rest of India. Free ride to foreign trips with PM have stopped, Ohh God the list is endless and article will never get over.

C3FTuDtUMAABWzXOne name that is wrongly in is of Sharad pawar. and one name that is not in yet is of Hockey Wizard Major DhyanChand. Why?

In short I am DELIGHTED along with so many other Right Wingers to see deserving names in Padma Award list. Well done Modiji and team. Congratulations to all Padma Award Winners. Most of them are grand parent or parents age. We bow before you for all the selfless work you have done.

Bharat Mata Ki Jai

Picture Credit: India Location 


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