April 21, 2019

Pak Actors.. National Security

Since the time Modi government has hit back and hard at Pakistan, there is a national debate in the media, in market place, in local trains and everywhere as to why have not Pakistan actors condemned terror…

There was a time when actors from Indian film industry belonged to other generation and another class all together. I remember, Sunil Dutt (I have known him personally as a friend) took his Ajanta group to forward areas, not once, not twice but a number of times to entertain Armed forces, Lata Mangeshkar went all the way to entertain Jawans…. which was  a huge  morale booster for the forces… That was the character of the then actors who had commitment to the nation; to a cause and it were not only about money, money and more money and more money……..

..Earlier, a movie’s success was measured when it completed silver jubilee…Now, it’s a competition as to which star has greater collections to his credit… It is about these box office collections, it is about their fan following in Pakistan, it’s about tolerance of Indians, and it’s about alleged funding of terror money….

I don’t care what Pakistan actors say or don’t say…They condemn attacks or they don’t condemn…Let us look at from within….Lets look into the  mirror, unless Indian actors/producers see only cracked mirrors…..

Karan Johar goes on to air and defends Paki actors…What is at stake is, perhaps, not his love for either side…It’s about his investment in his movie release round the corner…Stakes are high. It’s not about national commitment; it’s about money…..

Mahesh Bhatt is on Social media holding a hand written plea in support of Pak actors…A couple of days later, Suddenly, he  gets  cornered by Arnab Goswami  and one had to see how conveniently he changed  his discourse to “My brothers and sisters” dialogue…. But, he did not name Pakistan since he has a viewership of his movies in Pakistan …

Salman Khan goes a step further…He differentiates between Terrorists and Actors, hence they need not condemn attacks by Pakistan….His Father Saleem Khan Stands up for Salman…

Javed Akhtar was fumbling for words which could be politically right but in his poetic style, he avoided blaming Pakistani actor…

It is Om Puri who takes the cake…Forget about condemning Pakistan, or terror or even Pakistan actors…he asked who forced Jawan to join the forces? I am not sure, if there could be another comment worse than this to insult Army…

I salute Nana Patekar and Sonali Bendre for stand taken by them…..

If we are serious in our intentions to stop muck, filth and terror suspects coming in from Pakistan, following should be done…

1…Viewers decide to boycott such movies.

2…Government must stop issuing visa to Pakistan actors/artists

3…AIPPMA must not employ Pakistan actors.

4…Exhibiters must refuse to show movies with Pakistan actors..

If we fail to do so, we have no business to complain…And let Karan Johar,Salman Khan have fun…

Jawans are doing their job on the border, is it too much for is to do our bit?


Picture Credit: www.youtube.com


Writer is Shri BK Chowla

Twitter: @bchowla