April 21, 2019

Pakistan in WONDERLAND

Pakistan completes ‘Nuclear Triad’ trumpeted the Pakistani media. Social media went into a tizzy, agog with congratulatory messages scorching the fiberoptic networks. And the Generals were patting each other’s backs with a smile so big that for once their teeth outshone the phalanx of medals & stars that adore their uniforms (the only country in the world that honours it’s soldiers who have never fought a honourable war and have lost all their wars, except the covert ones).

“Pakistan tests a nuclear capable seaborne cruise missile” – this claim is another instance of Pakistan lying through its teeth to ensure that the ‘bloat’ of its bloated ego remains intact caring little for the blot that smears it every-time it tries to foist lies on the international community . It’s citizens could be nieve to believe the lies, but the citizens of the world are not stupid.

Pakistan’s 70 year itch to spite India is legendary. It has always strived to militarily tower over India and in the process has mimicked India’s achievements.

India recently, successfully, showcased it’s seaborne launch capability, Pakistan frantic to show to the World that it’s no laggard hurriedly launched ‘Babar-3’ , but Pakistan an expert at deciet and subterfuge ended up doing a ‘cut & paste’ job that failed to fool the Defence experts.

It’s no secret that Pakistan is assisted by China, and it’s the endeavour of the two nations to engage India in a hostile manner.

It’s in China’s interest to enable Pakistan to match India’s achievements. And, it’s in Pakistans interest to lend it’s shoulder to allow China to take potshots at India . The mutual admiration society that has emerged in the subcontinent is a strategic necessity for China that dosen’t just give it access to the Gulf , its a strategy to keep India on tenterhooks on the western front.

For Pakistan that was smarting from the unceremonious treatment meted out to it by the Americans – China was God send. Since then the relationship has blossomed.

Pakistan, the unashamed begging bowl of the subcontinent, that was habituated to run to the Americans with a ‘stars & stripes’ painted bowl for Aid and armaments is now rushing to China, only thing that has changed is the color of the begging bowl – it’s RED now.

In due course, Pakistan will possess the coveted ‘Triad’ capability with the help of China. Pakistan will continue to play the game of ‘Good terrorist – Bad terrorist’. Pakistan will continue to meddle in Afghanistan and India. Pakistan will continue to flex it’s nuclear muscles. Pakistan will recklessly proliferate.  And, Pakistan will continue to Beg, cry and harp because it’s the National pastime of its Leaders.

The World will remain a mute spectator, doing nothing with the likes of Pakistan and North Korea that pose a serious challenge to HUMANITY.


Picture Credit: UPI.com


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