April 24, 2019

Pakistan Occupied Congress

The party which treats Haryana as “Vadra Occupied Haryana” releases a booklet depicting Kashmir as “India Occupied Kashmir” should not come as a surprise. Digvijay Singh did echo same India Occupied Kashmir way back in 2016. It cannot be dismissed as a typo error for the booklet or slip of tongue from Digvijay Singh. Pakistan proxies have a great influence over the party and the likes of Mr Aiyar who crawl back to Pakistan to urge them to defeat Modi just reiterates the moot point of betrayal  ingrained in the party.

NIA raids which have continued for two days in row has upset Mani Shankar Aiyar and he is quick to dismiss that raids are a strong step in stopping the plug on terror funding in the valley. Pakistan proxies across the border and in India who have intellectualised unrest in the valley on false narrative of “victims of circumstance” and “alienation” are the most rattled lot now. The business of terrorism is out in the open and all skeletons will tumble out of the closet. Discomfort of Irfan Lone, Engineer Rashid and Inam  is a strong vindication that “Achchhe Din” of terror funding is going to be snuffed out.

When idiocy occupies a party, it meanders into convoluted terrains of irrelevance. INC’s think tank should sanitise itself of idiocy and idiosyncrasies of Aiyars and Digvijays.

Picture Credit: Screen shot from Twitter


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