February 19, 2019

Pakistan Terrorised..

In those days when telegram was in vogue it used to be said, “NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS” because telegram used to be a harbinger of bad news. But nowadays when there is a reference to Pakistan it can be said that “ANY NEWS IS BAD NEWS” because anything that emanates from Pak can only be bad .

The spate of terror strikes within Pakistan is a rude eye-opener to the government there. The Frankenstein monster created by them to unleash terror across the world has reneged, the monster has turned against its creators and has wrecked havoc .

But unlike India, Pakistan hasn’t just resorted to diplomatic offensive to bring the perpetrators to book. Pakistan has unleashed it’s wrath on the “BAD” Terrorists who have targeted it, the entire military might of Pakistan has been mobilised to storm the bastions of terrorists in its restive provinces.

Not just that, Pakistan has taken a page out of the American book on counter-terrorism, they have carried out ground and aerial strikes against terror launch pads inside Afghanistan.

Pakistan has mobilised heavy artillery and advanced warplanes in its fight against Terrorists in territories bordering Afghanistan. Pakistan has made its intentions clear that it is going to wage war against BAD TERRORISTS, even if it means trespassing international boundaries.

And by putting Hafiz Sayed under house arrest Pakistan intends to give an impression that their ‘Zarb-e-Azb’ is also a war against India centric terror organisations. But it’s a tactical ploy to ease tensions with India with an intention to disengage it’s troops from the Western front to tackle it’s porous border with Afghanistan .

India has two takeaways from whatever is happening in Pakistan – one is an ‘Opportunity’ and the other is a ‘Lesson’.


India has to jack up the pressure along the western front . Undertake a massive mobilisation of troops keep Pakistan on tinder hooks. Carry-out surgical and limited tactical strikes against terror launch pads inside Pakistan. This strategic move my India will force Pakistan to commit more troops to counter India thereby stymying their fight against Taliban and their BAD TERRORISTS.

Pashstuns are a tough nut to crack (a fact both the Russians and Americans will vouch for). Pakistan has bitten off more than it can chew, let it suffer and let it implode.

Pakistan is teaching us ‘Warcraft‘ – they pursue and eliminate Terrorists without mercy even if they are hiding in ANOTHER COUNTRY. “All that India has to do is to do what Pakistan does – pursue terrorists and eliminate them even if they are hiding in Pakistan.”


Picture Credit: Zee News


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