March 22, 2019

Pappu-lomacy : Dud Diplomacy or Sinister Designs?

Rahul’s meeting with Chinese ambassador when India China relations are volatile, brings back memories of Mani Shankar Aiyer’s Pakistani pleading ” inhein hataaiye, humein le aaiye”.

China has been testing India’s pressure points of late and the impasse in Doklam plateau has not yielded results. Bhutan has upped the ante. Reaching out to Pappu for help smacks of either sheer stupidity or something really sinister because INC has never cared about national interests.  Congress party has released terrorists for sake of Goodwill in the past . They can go to any lengths for political longevity. Their intentions should be watched out carefully.

The fact that China encroached 640kms of Indian territory under UPA should serve as a chilling reminder of Congress’s nefarious designs. Chinese “Art of War” has been subtle and works at multiple levels. Courting Pappu cannot be dismissed as courtesy visit. Congress should reveal the agenda of the meeting. The Nation Wants to Know. We can wait till Arnab raises the pitch to deafening levels!!!

Picture Credit: Screen Shot from Twitter


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