March 19, 2019

#PappuDiwas : Amul Baby, The Waste Of India



After Sunday debacle in Champions Trophy final, Monday could not have been better than birthday of champion of comedy and PJs.

You can call him Pappu or Amul baby but he cannot be written off. He is capable of rebounding at the escape velocity of Jupiter. Escape velocity of Jupiter has been used so many times that the cliche does not even move when used with reference to Prince Clown.


“Youth Icon” birthday offers a sweet sugary syrupy opportunity to sycophants to lick it up to Good For  Nothing Gandhi.  The vision of INC’s visionary leader is so grand that it is invisible to logical people. People who inhabit lands acquired by VadraJi could see the vision set by RahulJi.

Congress Working Committee has offered crown of INC presidency to Prince of Cot. Baby steps of Amul Baby would finally make Congress Mukt Bharat transform into reality. Let’s pray for best health for Rahul . Three cheers to Congress Mukt Bharat Mission!!!

Picture Credit: Screen shots from Twitter


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