April 24, 2019


We live in a nation where the Prime Minister is called a murderer, a coward, a psychopath and what not.

We live in a nation where an intellectual compares the Chief of the Army to  General Dyer, a cold blooded murderer who ordered the merciless massacre of freedom fighters.

We live in a nation where terrorists and terror masterminds are glorified as martyrs (these things happen in the ‘Cradles of learning’ like JNU).

We live in a nation where a secular Hindu who talks about his faith is heckled as a ‘Bhakt’.

But still some claim that ‘freedom of speech’ is being stifled .

That the Gestapo is out to drag the ones that oppose the government to a ‘Concentration camp’. That we should handle the perpetratorsCdMkKgyW4AAIMHe (2)  of unrest in Kashmir with kids gloves. And, that we talk to Pakistan which covertly and cowardly holds a gun to our head?

Screenshot_2016-06-27-15-25-23Dear NDTV (and the Twitter happy journalists of NDTV and some of their supporters) no such calamity is upon us. The media is not about to be gagged, chained and thrown into a gas-chamber. Instead of crying fowl, alleging vendetta and accusing of witch-hunt, isn’t it wise to come clean with a point by point rebuttal of charges levelled by Central Bureau of Investigation?

Instead of inviting MODI baiters like Arun Shouri on a show ( to spite the government) , isn’t it wise for Parannoy Roy and Radhika Roy to appear on your show to set the record straight ?

Instead gloating, citing concerns of Foreign media about Press freedom in India, isn’t it wise to politely tell them that we are absolutely capable of taking good care of ourselves and that they mind their business and bask in their ‘Covfefe’ moment back home.

NDTV has to honestly admit that their’s is a business venture that’s gone bad and that the Roy’s have erred and they are not above the law. That they chose to take a line that is bereft of even a semblance of Un-biased reportage. That TRP’s don’t get a big boost playing the victim card.

Media Houses that sting, investigate and conduct media trial at the hint of impropriety should be open to scrutiny themselves. Law of the land is applicable to them in equal measure, IF NOT MORE.

Picture Credit:Twitter NDTV Screen shot from Twitter


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