April 21, 2019

Paranoid Roy and The Ministry of Utmost Unhappiness

Pakistan was thrashed badly in Champions trophy on Sunday. Little did they know that Monday blues will leave them with bloody nose. Roy’s boys were playing well all these years and organised private functions in Rashtrapati Bhavan lawns. They did not anticipate that they will be stumped after Sunday’s debacle.

Crying hoarse about witch hunting and whining about Mallya’s dues is hardly going to cut any ice with enforcement agencies. Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan has begun and such acts will follow in days to come. This is no diffused emergency as claimed by Arun Shourie. Law breakers who enjoyed patronage during UPA rule are being made to crawl before the law.

Writers and admirers of The Unquiet Land and Gujarat Files need to read “NDTV Frauds” by Sree Iyer. Its available on Amazon. A complimentary Burnol might be needed to make reading experience less painful. The book has facts and zero fiction. “Behind Bars” by Sunetra Choudhury of NDTV would make for interesting read for The Roy’s.

The “Agenda” TV has been hit from all sides “Left,Right and Centre” and the buck has stopped at Greater Kailash office,New Delhi. No wonder cabals are out in the open. Mr Guha says Adani’s debts are equal to total farm loans in the country. So, what? Did he care about Naveen Jindal’s loans sanctioned during UPA rule? Or numerous debt restructuring done during Raghuram Rajan’s and Chidambaram’s tenure to favor capitalists? The amnesia of these cabals is so selective that it should qualify for another episode of “Truth Vs Hype”. Sreenivasan Jain! Hope you are listening. If my memory serves me right, there is no case against Adani, either in CBI or High Court. If ,at all, Adani has been favored, who is stopping them to lodge a case. Bootlickers, masquerading as journalists, have linked CBI raids to verbal spat between Nidhi Rajdan and Dr Sambit Patra. It unfunny how lame can they get to peddle propaganda. The fact that Digvijay Singh and Kejriwal have voiced support for the agenda tv shows that these raids have acted as acupuncture. Pressure applied at one point has resulted in pain in other points and the disease will be cured at a different point!!!

Swaminomics has hit them mercilessly. They were used to the ways of Chidunomics and thrills of “Rockstar” Rajan. Swaminnomics has become a bitter pill to swallow. People who were reading the wrong UPA-nishads are forced to read the right “Upanishads”. It will give them courage to endure when Swami blitzkrieg will herald earthquake in “National Herald” case.

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