March 22, 2019

Partition 2: 2017

Pakistan was created for muslims who had faith in religion based constitution. There are lacs of cases of muslims who were in Pakistan and came India for good after Partition was announced despite hardships. The purpose may be anything of two separate entities. But the whole purpose can never be denied that it was for religion and not secularism. And the intent of various governments and military over the years is clear. Be it the population of Hindus or the way democracy is run Pakistan has hurt it’s own cause.

Damage done was further accentuated by Nehru. It would be naive to say Nehru couldn’t handle one state. He left the loop holes on purpose. The way Pakistan attacked India soon after the partition was a clear message, their greed was not over. Subsequent wars have not deterred them from asking for KASHMIR. We have nothing to complain and we should never complain.

It is our own government that played vote bank politics that needs to be blamed. 42nd amendment and entry of SECULAR has suffocated the law abiding Nation. Surgical strike is like giving a chocolate to a crying baby. Let us accept weakness of all our government including the present one. We need to be proactive and not reactive. What do we discuss to evaluate with the present day government? Here are the Salient Points:

  • Rohingyas enjoying their life and KP’s still struggling,
  • Separatists under house arrest,
  • Schools in valley continue to burn,
  • News traders keep supporting anti India voices unless their own are attacked,
  • Very poor control over the media narrative.
  • Azadi brigade still multiplying and moving around freely.
  • Nationalist Professors targeted and left to the mercy of FIR.
  • ISIS has operatives and Home Minister denies unless a news channel gets evidence of deep roots.
  • Fear of law is zero in anti national muslims, communists, news traders and some social activists.
  • Even today an ordinary traffic officer thinks twice before booking a muslim biker for breaking rules.
  • Ordinary law abiding citizens are arrested for just sharing a morphed pic on social media but a journalist who tweets to incite violence is still not arrested and the Police asks to file a FIR/complaint. Isn’t the Police responsible to arrest such people without FIR?
  • How can a terrorist who killed officers of Indian Air Force move around freely.
  • How can a Shahi Imam move around freely despite threatening the Hon. High Court.
  • How can NC still have license to contest elections despite having a azadi body like JKLF.
  • How can a Imam move around freely despite wanting to slit throat of the PM.
  • We keep telling Pakistan not to allow it’s soil to be used for terrorism. What are we doing with the Hurriyat, treating them with kids glove? Why house arrest? Why not a proper jail and trial for waging war against the Nation.
  • Why not withdraw MFN status and further squeeze them economically?

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In the name of secularism a lot is compromised and answers to the Nation have to be in the form of action and not KADI NINDA.

Yes the achievements of the present day government are phenomenal but that should not be used to cover up for the failures of containing the mess that is spreading faster than cancer cell.

What is the solution?

Though sounds childish but just one harsh step needs to be taken.


Yes we need to tell the pakistan lovers to shift to Pakistan or be prepared for legal action where they are put in jail and tried. Col Purohit has spent enough of years for no fault of his action. Why can’t the anti nationals be treated in the same way. Unless the government treats all these traitors in a manner they deserve all development agenda is like 26 Janaury Parade. We are not here to clap at every Tableaux from state that crosses the Chief Guest podium. We are here for giving standing ovation when fitting reply is given to the traitors. The fear of law should be in the minds of anti nationals not law abiding citizens. Stop inequality. Bless the Nation with Equality in implementation of Law to start with, rest can follow. Separatists and their sympatizers are link with Pakistan giving unstinted support to paki agenda. They are the ones giving logistical, liquid cash, communication, etc support to terrorists and sleeper cells. Cut this extension cord giving Oxygen and dictate terms. US never bothered to ask the world before attacking Iraq. Instead they ran a fake WMD PR campaign. We don’t have to go around the world taking certificate for the damage done here. Time to dictate terms and let the world watch.

Picture Credit: Screen shots from Twitter, thanks to all tweeples.



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