March 19, 2019

Patience of Congressi Leaders

Patience is key to success. But patience without hard work has zero value.

While BJP has worked hard from the days of just 2 seats in Parliament, allowed full scale democracy in the party, Congress has remained chained to a family. The height is none in the party wants to oppose Gandhi Family. There are much deservingpersons like Sachin Pilot and J Scindia but even they have remained silent and helplessly covered up for the Prince.

I have a strong gut feeling the time is near for the bubble to burst. Rahul no doubt is a trump card BJP wants him to beat the helm till atleast 2019. He makes life simple for Amit Shah, MODI and Bhakts. He is a good human being and fit for anything but politics. The patience of old guards would certainly break along with the new generation in congress sooner or later. While many have started abandoning the ship some may come together and start a new party. Congress party is amazing. For every defeat there is a choice of scapegoats ready to be picked by high command. This was not seen when freedom struggle was on. Why did Nehru never sentto KalaPani or why didn’t he go through hardships like other freedom fighter? Now the party is behaving as if it’s in their DNA to give personal sacrifice.

This is the time Congress party should give charge to most deserving member in the party. May be someone in 40’s. There should be a fair election and discussion and party workers who wants to nominate themselves should meet their family doctor to keep their urge for nature call on hold till such time the proceedings are not over.

On a sincere note what congress can do to earn sympathy if not elections. Ask the PM to rename all government institutions after local freedom fighters and sportsman. Vacate 10 Janpath. Submit documents in court with regard to National Herald. Vadra can approach Hon. Supreme Court of India and request to club all big and small cases and put the hearing on fast track. If the family is clean and nothing to hide why have fear of law?.

All congress bought journalists should join the chorus and start running prime time debates. Meanwhile, these journalists should also reveal their ill gotten money and save themselves from the ultimate. Despite all these above stated actions, question mark against the gen next of congress will remain prominent. How can these who have been reared in Congress culture & ethos by their progenitors, be any different from RAGA? After all the sense of entitlement is very difficult to shed.

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