April 23, 2019

#Pawanmuktasana: Yoga of Liberals


Every year 21st June creates enough heart burn and acidity to “Jamaat” of liberals and gas hits their brain cells so hard that they ultimately get down to Pawanmuktasana to pollute the environment by issuing statements like “Yoga celebrations are misuse of funds”. Behenji Sampatti Party supremo conveniently forgot about grand statues which were put up under her regime.



For the “Accidental Journalist”, Tarun Tejpal version of Yoga suits him. No wonder he talks about hitting the mat with the Yoga teacher.


INC is hell bent on doing suicidal aasans and damage done is irreversible.  Congress workers penchant for Shavaasana (protest against Mandsaur killings) is a vindication of the fact that the leadership is caught napping when it matters the most. Digvijay Singh was caught unawares when BJP pulled up a surprise and staked claim for government formation in Goa.

The way in which opposition unity fell in response to NDA’s Presidential nominee declaration, it’s quite clear that electorates will do a “CongressMuktAasana” in 2019.

Picture Credit: Screen shots from Twitter


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