July 18, 2018

#PawarPlay: Devaluation of Padma Vibhushan Award

I could not stop rubbing my eyes in disbelief when I saw Sharad Pawar’s name as recipient of Padma Vibhushan award. If Sharad Pawar can get Padma Vibhushan, then Mulayam Singh Yadav should get Bharat Ratna. Is it a meticulous ploy to make these awards redundant by giving them to undeserving people? Devaluation of Bharat Ratna, highest civilian award, began when Nehru and Indira awarded Bharat Ratna to themselves. It’s disturbing to see Modi government making a mockery of Padma Awards. What could be the compulsion to felicitate Mr Pawar? Is Shiv Sena getting too troublesome? Would Pawar Play help BJP? Pawar’s power cannot be ruled out in Delhi circles. Power equations do get shuffled in the election of President. If BJP fails to cobble up required numbers in UP election, Pawar Play might offer them some respite in changing the number games in President Elections. A cursory glance at all other Padma awardees this year marks a sea change from the erstwhile tradition. Pawar’s name is the only shocker and makes things unpleasant for Modi who once called NCP as Nationalist Corrupt Party.

How things might change for future recipients of other awards? Picture this! Robert Vadra for Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award. Owaisi for Nobel Peace Prize. Kejriwal for Non Resident CM award. Navjot Singh Siddhu for “Ghar Wapasi” award after all he was a born Congressman. He realized it quite late. Anti-Drugs and Narcotics Crusader award for Bhagwant Mann. The list is endless. Put your imagination to work and tag recipients with awards of your choice. A surgical strike is needed for awards as well so that Award Wapasi gang becomes irrelevant.

Picture Credit: Screen Shot from Twitter


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