April 20, 2019

PELLET GUNS – Concerned Media SHOULD meet Families of Shaheed

All is fair in Love and War (so it is said).

Having said that I have no issue with the ones who keep taking sides of Pakistan while they enjoy FOS&E on our soilbarkha_dutt and patience of our PM (His patience is not infinite. We know, he will decide his own date time and place. When it happens itshall be a bad day for all).

Until such time that doesn’t happens we continue to take our battle to higher plane.

What is the reason that these people continue to show symathy for terrorists and their handlers?

Lesser educated, even uneducated people have feelings for the Martyr and their families. Why can’t these  people? They have time to interview them. Brand them as activists, social media hero and poor headmaster’s poor son. What is it?

Answers have to be found. Some have the audacity to say that unemployment lead them to become terrorists. Did Kashmiri Pandits take to terrorism? Did people in Gujrat become terrorist? Why even invite our enemies like Musharraf to talk shows. Make money from any where not from speakers and then TRP out of them who would come and abuse us.

All the #NEWSTRADERS needs to answer a simple question. How many martyr’s family did they meet in the last five years? 

What kind of people are these?35FC10CC00000578-3675927-Stone_pelters_Cases_dropped-a-28_1467764737768 (1)They come prepared with stones for Friday Namaaz with stones in hands. kashmir 2On road and in by lanes they can be seen in all shades.From a Child under training to middle aged women who wants to draw maximum mileage of being a FEMALE. Imagine if a female is killed inadvertantly by ARMY, the drama that follows. Time to go all out against these over GROUND SUPPORTERS and on sidelines take on UNDER GROUND SUPPORT SYSTEM as well.  incredibly short memories,very fast they forgot what Indian Army did for them during flooding.

newsnviews_6 newsnviews

There is no third option. Either you are with your armed forces or you are not. The moment you start talking about welfare of terrorists and their support staff hidden as common man, face covered and pelting stones, you are against India. Period.

Yasin Malik who is alleged to be involved in the murder of Indian Air force personnel is roaming free and news channels keep inviting him on show. Why? He is a terrorist and has to be arrested. During Kashmir Flood he showed his real color that entire nation witnessed.

Make noise and let us ask government to arrest him and  subject him to legal process and punish him. He has no right to be enjoying benefits of Law Abiding Citizen.


Before I continue let some tweets do the talking. So much concern. Mr Gupta has forgotten that COAS is not running a Play School for toddlers, he has the responsibility of protecting the toddlers and their families in  India.


All age group have tried their hands on Police and Indian Army. Ones from media who stood by them are few and Nation know their names and proud of them as journalists. What about the rest?

images (1) images (2) IMG-20170217-WA0063




The road starts and ends with Media (fourth pillar of democracy).p2-300x264 This pillar has enough of rust to collapse any moment without notice. And enough of dirt to leave a permanent mark on their clothes, which best of the detergent will not be able to wash and enough offoul odour that a sensitive person can’t bear for a few seconds in their company.

The only reason it is surviving is because of the few UPRIGHT and LOYAL in this profession are still there. The burden on their shoulder is massive and it has to be shared by nationalists.

The strength of #NewsTraders comes from all quarters. High time we single them out and make these people pay for their sins. So far they have worked in excellent coordination. One example in place is Award Wapasi.

Time has come we too work in close coordination and put pressure on government, judiciary and police to do the needful.

While #NEWSTRADERS have time to talk about STONE PELTERS they have no respect and concern for the Men in Uniform.

Questions are asked on why pellets being used as if army went inside the homes of these peace loving people, hand cuffed them and then shot at them. No concern is raised for the Men in Uniform and their family. Is this journalism?


Look at this little child………


Look at her face…


Look at this father…


Look at this family sacrifice… the list is long and each one of them needs to be respected. How many in MSM spared time for them?


Let us see what some nationalist have to say.

newsnviews_007 newsnviews_9

newsnviews_5 newsnviews_1

I don’t want my Police and Armed Forces to be at receiving end for something they are not responsible.


The officer in picture above has an AK 47 in his hands and still running. He is not a coward. He is a brave son of India obeying order of his seniors. Imagine if he turns around and  fires in self defense. Really sick of journalists who take sides of stone pelters.

ENOUGH Said. Now time to make a Prayer to Honorable Chief Justice of India. Join me in same. If you feel I have missed something, add your points and forward it on Social Media to Hon. Chief Justice of India.

We are ordinary citizens and have limited resources to connect with you. If money was available to make a formal request in the court, we would have definitely done it. Chief of Indian Army has made his intention clear. However, he has limitation with civil matters. This is where we request you to give directives on media coverage, their sympathizers. If Stone Pelters are on On Ground Supporters, then ones in media not showing concern for our Armed Forces are PAKISTANI MEDIA operating from our soil. They deserve no mercy. Request appropriate action wherever possible and severe guidelines for Media, NGO, social activists, etc. 

Jai Hind

Picture Credit: DNA, Screen shots from Twitter, Tribune


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