May 20, 2019

Perception or Performance

As a regular reader of, I was left dismayed when recently read blog by Mr. Sanjay Matkar, It is time to sack Devendra Fadnavis, where the author emphasized more on perceptive value and fringe topics as a reason to oust the sitting Chief Minister of Maharashtra, and suggesting no option to fill the vacuum. Author has concentrated totally on few of CM’s public statements to build up his case, indicating naivety. His political understanding of Maharashtra also seems to be lacking, when he says CM’s statement in an election rally “Tumhi Bolta Kiti, Tumcha Pagar kiti” was directed at Shivsena Minister Eknath Shinde, in fact it was directed at Shivsena minister Ramdas Kadam. Minister Eknath Shinde is a shrewd politician (rumoured to have lead a group of Shivsena MLA’s which was ready to break away and join BJP, thus forcing Shivsena leadership to join the Government) will never indulge in rhetorical statements which would attract CM’s attention in such a manner where as Minister Ramdas Kadam is well known for his rhetorical speeches. This basic fact should be known to any person venturing out making statements on Maharashtra politics and demanding CM’s ouster. In fact the most important factor of the speech was motivating the cadre and CM was 100% successful looking at the result that BJP moved from 9 to 42 in the municipal seats tally.

The case of traffic police constable Shinde is a real tragic and unfortunate incidence and such an incidence being used to demand the CM’s ouster is like trying to overtake Congress, NCP and even MIM in making ridiculous demands. Reader’s must be informed that the Home Ministry had given clear orders to Police to control the unruly bikers during the Eid celebrations and i am witness to the stringent Police action during those times, Each and every triple seat and without helmet biker was being stopped at Mahim and action was being initiated, not a single unruly biker was seen on the road. So the allegation that CM is going soft on Muslims etc doesn’t hold much value. CM is concentrating on doing things on the ground rather than making statements to satisfy fringe. Demand for independent Home Ministry is not new, it is being made since the inception of the Government, but CM is a seasoned politician and we must give him sufficient time rather than speaking in the voice of opposition.

Tweeter statement of CM to sue Times Now and not acting holds some water, but we must try to leave these things to personal choice of the individual rather than raking it up after so many days, I am sure twitteratise might have erased it from their memories long back.

Tussle with Shivsena is not new for CM and for the common man of Maharashtra, the same is on since the alliance was broken. It is but natural that Shivsena will pick up each and every slightest of the opportunity to criticize BJP and CM. It is a well known fact that, Vidarbha has been a major point of contention between Shiv Sena and BJP, it has been in the past and it will be in the future. In fact it is commendable that CM is successful in most of the tight rope walks and even after such criticism Shiv Sena Chief Uddhavji Thackeray speaks well and respects the CM, Uddhavji has even publicly praised CM on many occasions. People and also the political commentators should be more interested in what is happening on the ground. What people think about the Government and are the Government measures and actions reaching the targeted audience, rather than making frivolous demands based on few statements and perceived reactions.

It is job of educated and informed analyst to provide correct information to voters, who generaly get swayed by misleading news media or perceptive propaganda. If analyst also builds case on perception instead of performace, it will b loss for citizens.

Thus we must look at the measures CM and the Government has taken or initiated rather than depending on general perception built around MSM stories.

Following are some of the major initiatives by the CM and the Government, I have also appended some links where CM’s articulate understanding of most of the issues faced by state can be seen. Factual Maharashtra assembly discussions, which bears more importance in framing the policy and narrative of government; Hence few factual replies and interventions by Devendra Fadnavis is shared here

Here, the Chief Minister’s view on how to reduce farmer’s suicide, which for obvious reasons is not much talked these days.

The decision to end the monopoly of APMC would be biggest transformational decision to change the life of farmers in Mahrashtra, effects of the same would be slow but steady.

The success of Jalyukt Shivar is speaking and will speak for itself in future. Involving public and eminent film personalities for increasing public awareness and industry personalities for financial support also scores well.

The increase in subscriptions of farmers crop insurance are most notable.

The loss reimbursement under the National Farm Insurance scheme in one Kharip season of 2015 was Rs. 4205 crs against the total loss reimbursement of Rs. 4737 crs in last 15 years speaks about the commitment of the CM for larger good of state farmers by stringent implementation of welfare schemes.  The detail information provided by CM regarding these measures should be looked at to understand CMs zeal to approach issues faced by the state.

The opposition has totally failed to counter CM in debates in the house, he has rebuffed each and every allegation with facts and figures. Thus the opposition is perturbed and now trying to convert the Kopardi issue in a caste tussle. Also recent statement by NCP chief about arrest of few persons for links with ISIS and trying to give communal colour to the same. Such instances are in itself a proof that CM’s success  that opposition has to manipulate Kopardi like unfortunate issues to counter the Government.

In the end I would say that the author has to concentrate on being “ASARDAR” rather  than “SARDAR”.


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