PIL: Public, Private or Political Interest Litigation??

Last afternoon I read a tweet by Mr J Gopikrishnan  dated 05th Sept which stated about a PIL being filed before the Hon Supreme Court by one Mr Sharma on Rafale deal. I am no security expert neither will I pretend to be one, I shall not try to make any comparisons. Am simply curious to know.

At the very outset let’s first search if any PILs have been previously filed by anyone on any defence deal.

Tried to google, the screen shot attached does not throw up any previous instance of a PIL.

Then this is an unprecedented move. what is the purpose of this PIL?

What is the premise of this PIL?

Which provision of the constitution of India has been violated, that requires a judicial review/oversight?

Is judiciary being employed as a political tool to scupper a deal which brings us the much needed firepower, state of the art technology and Air superiority vis a vis our adversaries.

Former Solicitor General had caution they will use judiciary to destabilize the govt, Are his words coming true is this a case of a prophecy being fulfilled.

I will not speculate, rather wait for it to be heard & all the points averred in the PIL will come in public domain.

Has it been filed to prevent supply of Fighter Jets desperately needed by India?

Has any constitution Authority Or institution raised any Questions on this deal?

We have only heard president of a Political party make allegations, which have been amplified by some in the media & some ex members of BJP.

Can such allegation & claims form a basis for a PIL?

Do we not require concrete evidence?

I will only ask a few basic Questions on the claims that have been made & are being made in Public in India & overseas by one political Party & it’s president.

The other Question that keeps cropping up in my mind is, does this PIL not directly challenge the Supreme commander of Indian Defence Forces. That is the President of India.

Why has this been done?

Which is this Public in whose interest the PIL has been filed?

Who is this Mr. Sharma?

I will not try to find out any details about him.

The person is unimportant his action is what is the subject of my curiosity.

I have no plausible answer why the PIL has been filed?

Which is that Public whose interest will be served by this PIL?

The president of a political party in India, during his recent visit to Europe while speaking at the London School of economics claimed. His party lead govt had signed a contract with M/S Dassault for supply & manufacture of Rafale Aircrafts & that contract had been handed over to the Public Sector Undertaking HAL.

Obviously when a claim of this nature is made we would demand that the said contracts be placed in Public domain. Why were these documents not placed in Public domain at the venue where this claim was made?

Is it because there are no documents, since no deal has been signed. Price quoted at the venue Rs 520 crores per aircraft.  What is Surprising is Price being claimed has no document in support. We have no document to support claim of a deal being concluded & passed on to HAL.

What India is buying is 36 Aircraft of the shelf fully equipped with the armament that India wants, there is no manufacturing activity to happen in India, All fighter jets will be produced by M/S dassault outside India.

There is a confusion or in polite terms lack of clarity with the president of the Indian Political party, HAL has no role because the Aircrafts are in ready to fly condition and the Quantity is 36. Is this being done on design or is it a case of ignorance. At different times different prices have been mentioned by the president of a Political party, in fact a total of 5 different prices  ranging from Rs 520 to Rs 700 crores per fighter from April to August. In between some other allegations have also been hurled, unfortunately not a shred of evidence has been presented before the Public,. Why are we being mislead. Why is falsehood being spread in this country.  A lie repeated a 1000 times does not become a truth.

Misusing provision of law to score political points is not a new low, it has been done earlier. But to hurt nations defence preparedness against external threat. This is a new low and a paradigm shift in politics of desperation.

Picture Credit: Screen Shots from Twitter and YouTube


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