May 20, 2019

PM Proposes Opposition Disposes

PM Modi is known to be a hard task master. Jobs for Youth are important. How many have been created is a legitimate demand of the opposition? Let the data speak instead of PM Modi.

Right from the time Modi lead government assumed office, we have seen non stop constructive activities. Some of them have been reported by the anti Modi Media as well. This includes how staff has started coming on time to office and doing late sitting, how power point presentation are made, why Modi walked out of meeting because the presentation were not having quality content / solutions. How Modi is paying special attention to North East. How Modi has very strategically visited various countries starting from Nepal and created goodwill for the Nation. So where is the problem?

Everyone is aware of Anti Modi brigade. People from from all walks of life in small numbers are part of this Brigade. The gossips and fabricated news are processed and the residual is sold as news by News Traders.

BJP over the years have proved that they are thoroughly professional when it comes to internal democracy or being a responsible Opposition. They had the courage to praise the ruling party for the good they did and even show grace while they are in government.

Opposition has taken upon themselves to Oppose everything that the PM says. Press Information Bureau is an official site that can be seen by anyone and satisfy themselves if they have any doubts.

From time to time the PM shares information with the nation on the work done and same can be challenged by any opposition party or any NGO if they have any doubts. They have the freedom to file RTI or even a court case if they have any doubts.

Khadi Vikas Industry Commission (KVIC) is one excellent website which has enabled access to all information that a person would like to have. And the best part is they keep updating it at regular intervals. For loan approvals they have a 45 days time line. Everyday MIS is generated. Chairman KVIC personally looks into day to day functioning rather than remaining a ceremonial head.

Enough data is already there on MUDRA website. What PM can do  is ask his team to make it more user friendly for anyone to access it. At present the search engine to look through the projects is time consuming. Minor tweaking in back end with details of loan disbursed and address of the facility where they are functional needs to pop up once visitor on site puts the district name. Any opposition party, person or organisation who has doubt can personally visit the beneficiary premises. This would eliminate any all scope for gossiping.

The PM has personally taken upon himself the task of doing Swachh Bharat. Be it with regard to real Cleanliness or with regard to Corruption. Let us come forward and praise the PM that he doesn’t shy away in accepting changes / reforms whenever the citizens have felt inconvenience. Let us strengthen our PM hand by giving him ideas to fight negative news and news traders.

This is our Nation and we need to spare time to do our bit.

ANTI PM supply chain has to be exposed with our help and with our healthy criticism of the government. As PM, NaMo has never created personal grudge against anyone. Be it opposition or news traders. All are enjoying Freedom of Speech.

The PM can’t be blamed for this lapse. It is the red tape. I am pursuing the case and fully confident that it would be resolved. What I wish to convey is the PMO could have ignored my letter. On the contrary they generated a reference number and also took pain to send me a hard copy of the letter. No matter how much time is taken by Dy Registrar the fact is I have an excellent document to question the officers concerned. How can an officer be more busy than a PM?

The PM has thousands of assignments to be done on a daily basis and if at all the PM can ask his team to do the following it would be final nail in the coffin of Opposition and News Traders.

Some of the processes are not specified and citizens are expected to know it. This leads to rejection of forms/applications at various stages in the same office/department. Citizens out of compulsion land up with agents to get the work done. Or at times just withdraw. This entire experience leads to hardships and the citizen blames the government.

Either the ministries need to get very strong like Railways and External Affairs or they need to have their website updated with Citizen Charter.  A simple case study.

A typical example of a citizen experience in a state government office (Dy. Registrar – Cooperative Housing Society)

The hierarchy is Office Superintendent => Dy Registrar (1) => Distt Dy Registrar (2) => Joint Distt Dy Registrar (3) => Commissioner & Registrar for Cooperative Society  (4) .

A complaint is filed with a clerk in the office. The citizen has no clue as to how much time would be taken by Office (1) . So he / she has to personally visit the office and check the status. Any enquiry on phone has no result either. Add to this high handed approach of most decision makers in their respective profile who either sit on files as there is no one to question them or the palms of these officers are lubricated with so much of money power that they are willing to risk their jobs even.

So what should the citizen do? File a RTI to get status of his/her complaint? There too citizen has to go through an escalation matrix which starts from minimum 30 days waiting period before you approach the Nodal Officer or anyone second in hierarchy.

Beyond RTI

Filing a RTI and getting the information to resolve an issue is a tedious task. Imagine if citizen charter is prominently displayed in each government office. Time taken to complete each assignment is linked in the system itself. This would be on the lines of Banking system or Railway ticket system. End of Day Closing.

Recommendation for further Debate and Execution

We need to pick from time tested processes of few ministries. This includes Passport Office, Railways and Income Tax.

Just like Passport Office, right from the time the application is accepted a unique reference number should be generated. At each stage a SMS and auto email should be sent to the citizen. At any given point in time if there is an issue it should be clearly communicated with Name Designation, direct phone line / extn number and email of person concerned. Time lines for each stage / process is important. If time lines are not specified results can’t be measured.

In case of subjective issues the department should announce tentative turn around time along with possible action / work that would be done and update the same at regular intervals.

All state and central government offices should have sufficient self help kiosks in premises as per the footfalls. Any kiosks not working should get auto recorded and have a clear turn around time for getting functional.

Just like Banking Industry there should be a End of Day Closing for all small and big offices. The culture for MIS doesn’t exist in most offices. This leads to high handed approach of Officers and Corruption in case of Grievance Redressal. Imagine if there is a time bound enquiry in the system. If not resolved then by default it gets escalated to next higher up in the system.

Just like Indian Railways if train is cancelled refund is done. There should be a system if the person attending to a complaint or any other work is not doing in a specified time a deduction from his salary has to be done. Ministry of Labor can once again do Time and Motion study for each process and fix minimum transaction for each government officer. This is already there in private sector. They are successfully using Time and Motion study, Service Level Agreement, Error Log, Productivity Charts, Gantt Charts, etc. Why can’t the government implement? It’s easy and practical. Leaves no scope for people to adopt shortcuts.

Just like Income Tax the system should send pre alert to the officers of the pending work and approaching deadlines. A copy of same should go to citizen.

As far as possible citizens should do everything online. This should be encouraged by the central and state government. Smallest of the bad experience by a citizen is directly related to the government. The government can’t say we have the laws, you use them if you have an issue. It leaves bad taste for both.

The government staff – irrespective whether they are clerk or officer, their salaries are paid from tax payer money. So why should Executive behave indifferently? The reality is they will not change. In that case the technology can bring sanity to a large extent.

Default escalation of issues will compel the executives to perform or perish. Why should Men in Uniform have the burden of the Nation. Each staff/department in government has to be as crisp as the Men in Uniform.

The solution given above is not based on hearsay but after going through real life hard ships.

To conclude PM is consistently doing whatever is required to deliver best Governance. Now Hon. Supreme Court of India too has announced that all decisions with regard to promotions, transfers and conformation, etc. will be uploaded on it’s website. This will encourage transparency and also throw light on why every decision was taken.

Once daily MIS is implemented at all central and state government office level and auto escalation after lapse of turn around time is done, there would be no bad feeling amongst the citizens. Executives in government will have to work without giving excuses. No scope for opposition to make false statement shall exist.

Suggestions welcome and open for making a detailed presentation to any government department.

Jai Hind

Picture Credit: Zee News


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