March 22, 2019

PM Speaks to Arnab – Looser Cry

Before you read further … brief Disclaimer. Writer of this article is no fan of Arnab Goswami. He praises good work. However, this article has a lot to do with the ones who are behaving like junior school kid not taken in School Cricket team.

Lets get straight to the point.

I am new to this industry but have often seen people and journalists reacting to an interview. If the guest on show is not cornered then the journalist is not good. Opportunity wasted, oh you were in awe of …., etc.

The idea of interview has to change. It is not an occasion to settle scores or establish yourself as a journalist based on how many times you cornered a person. A journalist has to ask questions that the Nation has no knowledge.

According to competing companies in news business Arnab was too goody and soft. What do you expect? Arnab to become Ambuja Cement or Dunlop Tyre.

Lets start from the last interview of Arnab in 2014 and allow some screen shots do the talking. a2 1a








You were:

  • busy and happy making a non entity as a Hero in JNU.
  • busy selling and celebrating failure of NSG,
  • busy making fun when PM is on overseas tour.
  • busy selling Dadri but not murder of dentist in Delhi.








This was to go from someone personal handle. Who is this someone? All this someone put together claim to be Fastest. They are faster than a Pizza delivery boy only if the news is Anti Modi, Anti RSS, Anti Hindu. b3

But this has not happened for the first time. The famous Kranti kaari interview. How can a channel continue to have a journalist who is doing a stage managed interview unless it was in the knowledge of the top bosses. j8

Why blame Fastest Channel. There are many more in the race to give Gyaan.

Check this sample. u1

Guys wait for your turn to ask questions. Either ways none in the business of news with Channel or Print edition are here for charity.

You lost it big time to Arnab and his team. Navika and Charu too gets the credit. Names that have been strength of Arnab. Why crib? You got to wait for your turn to ask questions. Attempt to ruin a interview by educating the masses that important questions were not asked is plain unprofessional. Accept the fact that you lost it to Arnab and his team with grace.

Going by the wild guess that even I had ……..bright change of Shri Modi giving an interview was to Zee News. But people need to understand that he has his own ways and no one can predict what will come next.

Era of SOURCES is over. Gossiping can’t be done as social media is ready to question with facts and figures.

What next?

Something that was predicted years back by Shri Anil Kohli, is now a reality. News from Social Media. z1


Frustration is evident. And their temperament is far from being a professional.  Height is the FASTEST CHANNEL / KRANTIKAARI Channel whatever you wish to say has tendered an apology. Ones who are raising fingers at Arnab and Modi have to look inward.

People who have problem with PM Modi should revisit Emergency days. Indira asked media to bend and it crawled. They are fortunate to live in an era where a person hounded by them for over a decade is a PM and still enjoy freedom of expression.

Yes Freedom of getting Confidential Information at will has stopped. Can’t help. Crying babies will have to live with it.

Concluding this article with two sensible messages. Sit back, relax, memorize. Its Food for Thought…… 🙂





In my next article lets play the game of Taking Resignation. Something media enjoys doing.

Credit to All Tweeples for Screenshot Used.

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