March 19, 2019

Political Parties – Citizen Aspirations

In a democracy governments appear and disappear depending who gives a better deal to the supporters aka voters of a particular party. When the political party succeeds in giving better deal then it shall continue to remain in power. This is the normal expectation but things turn strange when governments from in large democracies like in India. Here political parties do not given much to their supporters but take a lot more from people who are not its supporters in some cases and in a curious cases there is one political party that extracts everything from the people that support it. This is the power of the political parties that exploit the aspirations of the people without delivering on their promises. There are basically three types of parties in our political system – Secular Parties, Communist Parties, and Communal Parties.

The Secular parties have nothing to speak except that they preserves the secularism of this nation which is nothing but the appeasement of the majority among the minorities of this country. To this end, the constitution gives them the license to discriminate against the citizens with full autonomy without being questioned even by the courts and constitutional experts. Every illegal law, act or rule frames in the name of secularism gets passed without much of debate because the secular word has been inserted without the debate and the tradition continues till date. These secular parties do everything possible by the law or create laws to protect their vote bank and give undue favors to their vote bank. The other major ploy of these secular parties is to the divide the non-vote bank groups by favoring one sub group and increasing their personal vote banks. The humungous corruption scandals would not make any impact on the voters of these parties as long as they get the special treatment by the governments. Law and order machinery would be subservient to the agenda of the voters of the secular parties. The Secular parties ensure that their voters’ aspirations to a bare minimum extent and act like messiah’s of their supporters

The Communist parties are a special case of Secular Parties who do not do anything for their party supporters but would go to any extent to give favors to their ideological brothers/sisters. These parties would extract every single penny from the state and exploit every single rule to favor their party men while the party voters and non voters would suffer under their rule. The leaders of these parties look dirt poor in public view but in the private lives they live like Royals touring the world giving lectures about the rights of one group or the other. These parties do not believe in the constitution of the country but have their allegiance to foreign nations and it was publicly evident during one of the wars India had waged. The lives of the citizens would become hell and the citizens would suffer from Stockholm syndrome and there will be little prosperity of the state or nation. The nation would bleed and its resources and wealth would vanish creating the ground for the citizens to pick up arms and join the Communist Armed struggle. The Communist parties have infiltrated into every arm of the constitutional creatures and their existence is to destroy the nation in the hope of creating equality among all.

The third and the funniest type of parties are the Communal parties which are mostly hated by almost everyone. In theory there is no reason for these parties to come to power because they cannot fulfill their manifesto nor will they do justice to their core vote bank, core party workers and supporters. But time and again these parties come to power only to disappoint more people. These communal parties have the mastered the creation of Stockholm syndrome among the citizens. The communal parties punish their own supporters so much that at times their hardcore supporters become their hardest critics and even go the extent of destroying the party future. These communal parties after getting the power which they feel they donot deserve work to the get the support of people who would never vote for them. Apart from this these communal parties would work to take away the rights of their supporters to appease their haters in every sphere of life. The core supporters of the communal parties are the most dissatisfied among all the party supporters but they have no other option as the other available options are far worse than their own communal party.

What does the average voter want? A voter wants to make a earning and live a life of dignity. But once the voter achieves this, their dependence on the political parties changes in the nature of engagement. If we go by Maslow’s Need hierarchy – Physiological needs, safety needs, belongingness needs, Esteem needs, Self actualization needs. The parties would find it difficult to meet the aspirations of its supporters if they cross the first one because to satisfy the second, there should be proper systems in place. Proper system means the writ of constitution and equality should be prevailing which is anathema to certain groups of citizens of our country. The belongingness needs is achieved intra groups and the vote banks are the proof of this. But what the constitution wants is the belongingness of inter group which is again anathema to some groups who want to get control over this nation. The last two aspirations does not bring revenue to the politicians very easily and hence our political parties do not even think about them. To satisfy the Esteem needs our country should grow into a super power which several nations hate  so much that many nations have their agents in our country to ensure that our people do not raise above the level one among the aspirations hierarchy.

Hence the political parties have designed their agenda in such a way that the level one aspirations are taken care of at the expense of all others. The citizens with their personal efforts try to rise above these level aspirations and then the government would make a law to push down the hard workers and bring in pseudo-equality among all. In this scenario the question that arises – Whose aspirations the Political Parties are getting fulfilled? The simple answer is the “Political Families and the families of the persons belonging to Constitution”. In clear terms, the aspirations of the employees of the government servants are only getting satisfied because every arm of the constitution works to feed itself and usurp the powers of the communities in the name of bringing governance and justice to all. The role of the government should change from becoming interventionist to enabler of business with a fair opportunity for all and not bring in false equality. Every citizen should have a fair chance at the same opportunity and it does not mean that deserving candidate is pushed aside and an undeserving given a chance.

The governments should get out of their mode of being Physiological need supplier and instead become higher needs supplier at a faster rate in it wants to raise the levels of all the citizens. But no party seems to be capable of doing this because they have realized that satisfying level 1 need is the easiest and the most profitable of all. The average citizen is too happy to get some doles from the self serving government and hence lost the expectation of his higher level needs. Election after election we hear the same issues for a long time and those whom we think that would raise the bar fail every time in delivering because of the a behemoth that refuses to deliver on the promises of the government and requirements of the people. Even though at times great politicians work to raise the bar, the systems ensure that they are resisted by a greater force and their energies are sapped down very quickly. The aspiration of great many government servants is in the miseries of the ordinary citizens and not in the empowerment. The governments have to work in a different way and in the present times, we are seeing a miniscule change but will the change in attitude transform the behemoth that survived decade?

Most likely the government behemoth that exists today has the ability to perpetuate itself inspite of any strong leader’s efforts because the aspirations of the government and the governed are entirely different. Only the government employees are having power and a few other connected people whose aspirations are entire different from the other common citizens of this country. Those with power would love to perpetuate it and those without are kept in level 1 aspirations(Physiological needs). It is laughable when the governments are devising ways to punish the NGOs who misuse public money when most of the public money is misused by the government employees themselves. This is the joke played by the government on the people. The morals of the citizens are eroded to such an extent that honesty can we expect better performance from the public servants.

A few can rise on a personal level to higher aspirations but is it enough? Those with power are hiding behind the comforts and others are expecting a savior. Anyone doing even a small effort is considered a messiah and the burden of the expectations of a several millions would sap up the energies of the individual. People in power should become more responsible and work for their fellow citizens instead of being self centered and selfish to the core. Things are changing at a snail pace and with the right leadership this snail pace would change to cheetah pace and the nation which was sleeping all along would be the giant that it was supposed to be.  Truth cannot be hidden for long and when it reveals itself, all the falsehood narratives and the workers of falsity would have no place to hide their shame and their dubious deeds. Truth has begun dawn upon greater number of people at a greater pace and it is scaring several people and we shall hear the cries of helplessness. For too long the greatest nation has been put down and kept in a state of seeking to fulfill level 1 (Physiological needs) aspirations while it was beyond the level 5 aspirations in the recent past. The efforts of great leadership would never go in vain but it is the common man who should keep the good efforts going. It is not the political parties that could deliver but it is the common man who has to make the right choice and seek the accountability from the right persons. Those who could deliver should be supported without second thoughts but those who do not should be kicked out.

With only three types of political parties in the contest, the citizen is in a huge dilemma as to whom he should support to fulfill his aspiration. The end result dilemma being is a party getting power which is expected to do least appeasement to a previously pampered group. This results in one group suffering every single time and the average suffering of the combined nations reducing at a snail pace. If only we citizens seek a big of accountability from the government the situation would have been different. But it is the nature of appeasement that has ensured that we all live seeking to fulfill our level 1 aspirations for ever.

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