May 24, 2019

Political Practitioner

When failure stalks you, and you still pretend that you are success personified , then you are awfully blind of your shortcomings .

You feel important as long as the Judiciary , already burdened with pendency , sets aside time to adjudicate your litigation purportedly in public interest .

The DNA of Aam Aadmi Party refuses to desert you although the Party you help found has deserted you – shoot without basis and scoot without answering pertinent questions remains your trademark .

You are neither a competent Legal Practitioner nor are you a capable Politician, you are just a publicity hungry ‘Political Practitioner with a Legal background’.

What motivates you is not the cause that Anna stood for , but the worthless causes that you conjure up to stay in the limelight. His crusade pitchforked you, Kejriwal and scores of others from obscurity to stardom but in hindsight it became obvious to the people that you wore the mask of ‘Anti Corruption Movement’ to hide a opportunistic and selfish persona.

You know that the doors of BJP are never open to hypocrites like you, hence you have grudgingly chosen to side with the pseudo-secularists and libtards to stay relevant in the political arena.

You and people like you know very well that for the strobe lamps, microphones and the TRP hungry journalists to rush to you, all you have to do is berate, demean , denigrate Modi.

You perceive yourself in the role of a Whistle Blower, but you are just a political proxy sustained by anti-BJP political parties to needle the Government on non-issues. Your motive is political and it has nothing to do with Public interest or National interest.

Rohingyas: the issue of unwanted children of Myanmar tops your agenda. Ask yourself, while rich Islamic nations have turned a blind eye to the plight of Rohingyas, while China, Myanmar’s immediate neighbour, keeps its doors tightly shut to the refugees, while Bangladeshi Muslims are themselves wary of the Rohingyas, why do you fight for their cause, why not fight for the rights of the Kashmiri Pandits ? Isn’t your true motive appeasement?

Scam: your tweet of Modi relaxing in the company of Adani on a private aircraft was scandalous, not because of your allegation of Nexus and Scams, but because of a poor Photoshop effort exposing your mediocre mindset.

BHU: You and Pakistan seem to be on the same page. They brandish a photograph of a pellet injured girl alleging human rights violations of security forces in Kashmir, but it so happens that the photo is from Gaza. You tweet a photo of a girl severely injured girl alleging high-handedness of Varasasi police, but it turns out that the photo is a fake.

India needs true whistle-blowers who fight for a cause, who rise above self to work for the Nation and it’s people , who shun publicity and focus on service, who are true to themselves and to the Nation.

The space for hypocrites and sycophants is shrinking, it’s time you realise this fact.

Picture Credit: Screen shots from Twitter


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