May 23, 2019

Politicos: Leave the Kids Alone!

When an opportunist politician with an eye on upcoming state elections announces salary hike for teachers teaching one specific language and creates  divide, it makes me recall lines from Pink Floyd’s song- Another Brick in the Wall : “We don’t need no Education, We don’t need no thought control, No Dark Sarcasm in the Classroom: Hey Teachers!! (read Politicos here), Leave the Kids Alone”.

Promoting income inequality on linguistic grounds to garner votes and seats is lethal . Its gonna sow seeds of discontent amongst teachers. The cascading effect will jeopardise the bright minds. An unhappy teacher won’t be able to do justice to his duties. This insanity of promoting one language at the cost of other languages needs to be nipped in bud.


Picture Courtesy: The Indian Express
Picture Courtesy: The Indian Express

The Thinkers, Intellectuals and Liberals fail to outrage when their Blue Eyed Politician seeks to promote one language  but their decibel levels shoot through the roof when Human Resources Development Ministry moots a proposal to incorporate Sanskrit in IITs.

The rot which has set in the minds of left wing Intelligentsia needs to be purged. Its time to Outrage. No more Linguistic Intolerance.!!!  Pun(jabi) Intended!!

Picture Courtesy: The Indian Express

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