April 23, 2019

Politics of Compulsion

George-Orwell-quoteCompulsion is key to survive. No matter what politicians and political parties constitution may say, reality is one has to make adjustments to survive. Power is Poison is not a matter to laugh. It is a serious statement and time tested too. When Congress says where was BJP during pre Independence day, they are right. They were experimenting newsnviewswith Truth and doing Discovery of India.

Let us check facts from History.

The first PM of Independent INDIA was supposed to be Saradar Patel. Everyone knows what all happened behind the scene and how Gandhiji convinced Sardar Patel to let Nehru become the PM. This was the first Politics of COMPULSION.

Second incidence came too quick.

How Indira became Indira Gandhi is the second  instance of Politics of COMPULSION.

Gandhiji was shot dead. Complete forensic investigation was never done of the arm used for the crime. That is third instance of Politics of COMPULSION.

In between lot of Freedom Fighters left NEHRU. Be it Dr BR Ambedkar or other well known name, this is where Politics of COMPULSION lost it count.

Shastriji expired while  on a foreign trip and post mortem not done to find the real reason is another Politics of COMPULSION.

Indira imposing EMERGENCY is one of the biggest Politics of COMPULSION.

Rajiv Gandhi sworn in as PM on the day Indira died is Politics of COMPULSION.

PV Narsimha Rao body not allowed inside AICC building is yet another Politics of COMPULSION.

Senior Citizen was kept in the comfort of toilet, that was exceptional Politics of COMPULSION.

AB Vajpayee government for the first time experimented with legal coalition government, Politics of COMPULSION.

Manmohan Singh became PM on record and allowed Sonia lead NAC to decide matters of the Nation, Politics of COMPULSION.

However, there are three biggest decision that fall in category of Politics of COMPULSION:

Nehru referring matter of KASHMIR to UN and not acting like Sardar Patel

Nehru surrendering  UN security council Permannent  membership when offered on a silver platter.

A so called clean person allowed loot right under his nose and till date the silence is a proof of Politics of COMPULSION.

Some would be wondering I am targeting congress and not BJP. Yes I am. Is there anything to write about BJP? The only Politics of COMPULSION that has happened in BJP is promoting MODI for PM candidate. What’s wrong in it? This COMPULSION is on record and nation has forced this COMPULSION on BJP.

Is Congress willing to take any decision forced by the NATION?


Picture Credit: UKIP Daily  QuoteHD.com The Quote Pedia


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