July 18, 2018

Politics of Misogyny

Election does bring out worst in political leaders. The discourse dwindles to new lows. “Nasty woman” comment made by Trump against Hillary Clinton to “prettier campaigners than Priyanka” by Vinay Katiyar. The comments by Katiyar is a word play on the politicalrajdeep merit and value of Priyanka Vadra. In 2014, at Tata Literature Live Festival, Rajdeep Sardesai remarked that Priyanka does politics like an item girl. I do not agree with his usage of words. However, it should be noted that she is just a part time politician thrust onto the election campaign bandwagon. Her area of campaigning is always limited to Gandhi bastions of Amethi and Rae Bareli. She hardly has a PAN UP appeal forget about national presence. Her beefy husband does flex muscle on sweetened land deals. Good looking campaigners can only draw crowds. But crowds at rallies do not get translated into votes always.

Be it Rahul or Priyanka, they do not have the oratory skills to lure crowds. A “Cot-Play” did pull large numbers but the audience ran away with the cots too. It’s no brainer which party has better set of campaigners. The grand old party scores well in looks department. Rahul Gandhi leads the pack. Sachin Pilot, Jyotiraditya Scindia also get decent scores on dynasty’s CGPA. But they are no match for legion of saffron party campaigners. The imbalance is skewed in BJP’s favor.

The Election Commission should penalize leaders for using derogatory language. Election campaigning is a serious activity. Leaders! You cannot take electorates for a ride. (I am not referring to any cycle ride!!).The election dais is not a Koffee With Karan where a Dimple gets to meet Priyanka and Rahul rolls up his sleeves. Eye candy does not matter.

What you bring to the table matters.

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  • ashok sharma

    If Only the Oratory Skills were the Only Index of Fan Following as this Write Up attemps to Sum-up here; then it be better for the #Media to as well Ask the view of its own clan members viz; Lead Anchors #Arnav Goswami, #Ravish Kumar and #Karan Thapar once who had a closest and the most initmate audance of Leader Compaigner for BJP now slowly made to Disappear from the TV Screens under a Atrangeunknown ‘ weird Design ‘ of the Powers-That- Be .

    Gone are the days when word-jugglers likemandarins would sway the crowds not even possible now in states like Haryana UP or Bihar for our People have wisened up now and cansure discern and See through better across the webrose ofwords Vs Hype and the True Reality.

    Ultimately it is the Talemt VISION and the Ability of theLeaders of A Pol Party to Govern a Nation State which only would count where Sadly, the #BJP proved utterly Lacking in just 3 years of its given the full controls in Power !

    Ashok Sharma
    New Delhi – India
    28 Jan,2017 8 pm