April 24, 2019

Population Control – Fertile or Infertile?

The coming of Age:

The Indian economy is growing at a healthy pace. The biggest democracy on earth is rising and garnering recognition for itself on the world stage. The ‘skin’ of a ‘poor old colony’ of beggars and snake charmers has been shed for good. Now, there is talk of the Indian economy overtaking its erstwhile colonist ‘The Great Britain’.

The Indian Industrialist is out shopping for assets abroad. Indian Software has been and continues to power a wide spectrum of applications worldwide, The Indian executive has started to assert himself and take control of MNC’s. Yoga, Karma, nirvana has invaded the western household, not to mention the Indian cuisine.

Today there is a global recognition to anything Indian. This is no mean achievement, but, there is a lot to yet to be achieved.

The Concerns:

People from all walks of life voice their concerns on a myriad of issues that ail the economy and country, issues that are a stumbling block to the progress of our Nation.

Their concerns are genuine, India lacks good infrastructure like roads, high-speed railroads and ports, total literacy eludes us, poverty dogs us, terrorism stalks us, speedy justice is an illusion, healthcare – little said the better. Basic amenities like water, sanitation, communication, electricity etc haven’t reached many a common man. A clutch of many such burning issues confront us.

The Threat:

Many voices expressing many concerns, but why have we forgotten about the ever burgeoning subject of POPULATION. This is one vital issue that, if left unaddressed, unmanaged and uncontained could one day spiral into an uncontrollable malice that could sow the seeds of ‘Civil unrest’, the kind never witnessed ever?

Why is nobody talking about it? Why are the News channels not debating about it and going to town about the ill-effects of it? Why haven’t the Intelligencia and Social Activists stumbled upon a problem of gargantuan proportions? Why are the economists and Policy makers mum about it? Don’t we all perceive it as a threat? Or, do we lack the courage to confront it? It is time for all of us to realise that the crux of all ill that straddles the future of our Nation is the ever growing ‘Population’?

Make no mistake, the Issue is more ominous than Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal, more worrying than the presence of an Imposing China in India’s neighborhood, more threatening than the terrorists, separatists’, communalists and Maoists, more critical than issues like poverty, corruption, unemployment, health, housing, literacy, agriculture, environment and other problems plaguing the nation.

Today the present population has thrown the entire government machinery out of gear.
The nation is unable to feed many a mouth – poverty is prevalent.
Education is yet to reach many a child – literacy seems irrelevant.
Treatment isn’t available to many a sick – healthcare is dormant.
Justice is delayed, employment is scarce. The list is infinite.

Just imagine the scenario a decade down the line when we have more mouth to feed, more sick to treat, more youth to educate, more jobs to employ etc. The picture looks depressing?

The Solution:

The Demon in the guise of Population has already reared its head, the time has come for the nation to tackle it head-on. People have to break their religious barriers to prevent this demon from destroying the nation . People from all walks of life have to struggle selflessly and sacrifice certain beliefs and rites to contain this deadly ogre. Political will cutting across party lines and manifestos is the need of the hour. A concerted effort by the Print and visual media to highlight the perils of unrestrained Population could go a long way to educate and create awareness among citizens.

The time has come for the government to undertake a detailed and scientific analysis of the perceived threat and initiate strict corrective measures to reign in the galloping Population.
If required a ‘Referendum’ should be sought.
Every Indian should realise that time is short.
Our future beckons and beseeches us to boldly Pledge to work towards controlling the spiralling population in the interest of the NATION and HUMANITY.

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Author Mr. Narasimhan OSL is a consultant for Auto-LPG based in Hyderabad. He has interest in  current affairs, likes to read a lot and write a bit. 

Twitter: @bobsimhan

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Consultant for Auto-LPG based in Hyderabad. He has interest in current affairs, likes to read a lot and write a bit.
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