May 23, 2019

Power and Reality of Evangelism


Evangelism is posing an existential crisis to religious harmony in the country. Proselytization by foreign nationals in India is a serious concern . Conversion has changed demographics in Kerala where thousands of Christians were converted to Islam. Figures are alarming in north eastern states.


An event with the intent to proselytize was cancelled by activism of Mr Girish Bharadwaj of VHP in Bengaluru. While the mainstream media is obsessed by activism of Hindu Vahini in Maharajganj, where they thwarted another attempt by Church towards conversion, stories of evangelism in other parts of country do not get the attention at national level.

With Yogi at helm of affairs in UP, issues of conversion have got the spotlight. While media will go on demonizing Hindu Vahini for vigilantism, the truth will come out in open sooner or later. What were foreign nationals doing camping for five days in a church in Maharajganj? The invite to more than hundred people and children to come and pray in the church without informing the local police about the congregation has raised more questions. Foreigners cannot indulge in preaching and activities related to propagation of faith in India.

The congregation in Maharajganj could possibly be attributed to pre-conversion activities. There was no “World Culture Festival” on in Maharajganj. There is a strong need to be intolerant towards these activities. Let media whine about intolerance.



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