March 19, 2019

i Power Swipe

Cash to Card

1 Ka Dum Foundation has announced one new initiative #iPowerSwipe

This initiative is aimed at educating and assisting shopkeepers and road side sellers to get Card Swipe machine from the bank.

The work would start in Borivali and Kandivali (Mumbai) suburb as a pilot project. We appeal to Mumbaikars to join hands with us and run the initiative #iPowerSwipe in your vicinity as well. Friends from other city are also welcome.

Just one conversion will go a long way. You would appreciate there are more citizens than the shops. You would agree we all have at least one vendor or shopkeeper with whom we have an excellent rapport. Let us use our personal rapport to contribute for better and Digital India.

Interested citizens may write to us on our :

Twitter handle  

Facebook page 

or simply mail us on

The government is doing it’s best. Time we also join hands and contribute in small way.

Here I need to express our gratitude to Mr. Durgesh Wagle @durgeshwagle for conceptualizing the idea and assisting us.

Picture Credit: Digital India

Swati Ojha

Managing Trustee

1 Ka Dum Foundation

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She is also Consulting HR professional.

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