April 19, 2019

Prediction for the month of May 2016

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All predictions are according to the moon sign and not according to the sun sign.


Aries the lord of lagan mars is placed in the eight house with saturn termoil in the lives of aries people is indicated with job n income both getting affected to relive urself the stressed caused by these planets can be reduced by doing the jaap of mars and saturn and also by giving daan on tuesdays and saturdays

Taurus The lagan lord venus is combust therefore powerless and mars and saturn sitting in the seventh house may bring some old problems in the forefront The jaap of venus is very important so is the daan like curd,rice,sugar and milk on fridays

Gemeni  There will be some worry from children side and one may feel sleepless at night

Cancer  There might be the dispute with the mother and life will be difficult for children in smaller classes may indicate some problem for the partner should drive very carefully this month jaap of saturn and mars is very important
Leo Though your own health will be find this month ur partner may haveto go thrugh a small operation jaap of ketu for acoupleof months will keep safe ur parterners health keep safe the health of ur partener
Virgo  Through out the month mercury in the eight house may cause you some ailment in the nerves and the pooja of  Ganesh and the jaap of mercury will keep your mind and body intact  giving daan of green things on wednesdays will also help you to keep u balanced
Libra  In fact the next two months the librans have to keep themselves from fire electicity and even vehicals this month has to be lived very cautiously daan of white things on fridays and the jaap of venus will safeguard you
Scorpio Though the rashi lord mars is in lagna will make u bold stong ambitious but the fact remains u are under the spell of sadesati so  the daan of shani is very important there will be well wishers in your work place so it is also important to get the daan of venus
Sagitarious Jupiter with rahu will keep u upset and a feeling as if nothing is happening in ur life and the sadesati will make you worry about your profession the jaap of venus and the jaap of jupiter is very important for the next two months jaap of jupiter should be done regularly
Capricorn  The lagna lord saturn is sitting in the mars  will make office life misrable you will be worried about your children and even your profession father health will be also get affected
Aqurious The owner of aquarious saturn is positioned in the ninth house is very strong aquariouns have to be veru cautious while driving and even in the case of sale and purchase of property jaap of saturn is very important and giving daan on saturdays is also very important
Pieces The lord of pieces jupiter is in conjunction with rahu saturn and mars in the ninth house will make u interested in travelling abroad the daan of gud jaggery is very fruitful jaap of all these planets are very important
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