April 26, 2019

Presstitute Premier League: Auction at 10 Janpath?


Indian Premier League 10 auctions are currently going on in Bengaluru. “10” makes me wonder whether ‘Presstitute Premier League” auction would be on at 10 Janpath.   Burkha Dutt would be simply irreplaceable as Mentor -in- Chief for PPL (Presstitute Premier League) . PPL is something which cannot be held in public domain. Secrecy and saleability are the guiding principles of this league.


League can have some unique teams. Let me take the liberty with team names and captains. Team 2002 Captain is Khaajdeep and Team R is Rubbish Kumar. Team PAAP is led by none other than ex Journalist Kaalutosh.

Media spinners could offer some help to bowlers of IPL. Anything is spin -worthy. How to make it to match winning spin spree? Burkha can make the buck stop. Coaching and mentoring classes exclusively at Hafiz Towers, Line of No Control.


Inspiration can be drawn from any quarter. If there is anyone who can match genius of Afridi, it’s none other than “Time Pass Person of the Year 2016” His Honesty Fakeriwal. No wonder Mr Fakeriwal is the blue eyed boy of Presstitute club. Mr Fakeriwal is accessible only at Khalistan Residency. Telecast rights of PPL will be exclusively handed over to “Banana Republic TV” headed by none other than “Beefy -in- Law”.

PPL may look westward for more ideas. CNN(Clinton News Network) is pioneer in Presstitute saga. That’s why no one follows the tenets of Presstitution Cult with elan as Khaajdeep and Paagalika. There’s method to madness. For anything related to southern part of India, Paagalika can only think of Idli and Saambhar.

Liberal league has easy access to Presstitute league, the league of extra ordinary men and women. Their after match parties are known to all and sundry. Their match fixing skills are far better than Shaadi.com. Is Chetan Bhagat listening? He might have lost brand endorsement of Shaadi.com due to some match fixing. Half Girlfriend doesn’t work always. Full prestitution works!!!

Picture Credit: Screen Shots from Twitter


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