April 19, 2019

Prevention of Marginalized Community Exploitation in India #AAC2020

Exploitation of marginalized communities across the globe is one of the core issues to be addressed within the Action Agenda for Change 2020, supported by the Make Room India, established Indian-European social change ecosystem.

The group of changemakers representing Germany, Italy and India are working on developing an international mobility project to prevent and reduce the exploitation rate of marginalized communities in India and Europe.

The project aims to work on preventing and reducing the economic and sexual exploitation of vulnerable and marginalised people and groups in India through trafficking, bonded and forced labour. The phenomenon of all forms of exploitation can be perceived and studied through three underlying causes:  social, economic and legal. The vulnerable people and groups fall prey to illegal placement agencies, traffickers, who are mostly people from the same community or a known person, and get exploited and there are few regressive social practices which exploit women too.

While the issue of multi-dimensional exploitation can be addressed through different strategies, preventive, curative comprising rehabilitation and social reintegration, the group proposed a project intervention with the objective of prevention and reduction of exploitation of marginalised groups and people. UNODC global statistics reveal the grave prevalence of trafficking of people from 127 countries of origin to 137  destination countries. Starting from 1927 Convention on Slavery of the League of Nations to Polermo Protocol  i.e., the Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, especially women and children, tremendous changes in prevention approach has entered in the process of curbing human trafficking. The local legislations also went through amendments to meet the expectation of international community in preventing human trafficking in different countries. But still the prevention strategies are not adequate and are not built in points of sourcing, transit and destination areas of traffickers and this proposal recommends to come up with sustainable prevention strategies  and tools in all three locations by setting up one model and experimenting the same to prevent human trafficking completely. The objective is not only to prevent trafficking of human but also of abuse of power, abuse of one’s position of vulnerability for the purpose of  exploitation and slavery. Challenge is to create viable tool to prevent human trafficking  in points of transit, supply and destination.

Awareness can drive empowerment amongst vulnerable people and groups to lead the social change required to end all forms of exploitation. All this can be prevented if the required information is provided to the vulnerable communities and hiring agencies are scrutinized for their nature before they can hire anyone from the vulnerable communities.

The overall objective of our proposed intervention is to contribute in prevention and reduction of all forms of exploitation of marginalized people and groups in the form of human trafficking for various purpose. The specific objectives are as follows:

  1. Securing decent work opportunities through quality education, skill development and job creation for marginalized people and groups;
  2. Strengthening law enforcement, social safety net and human rights awareness amongst at-risk and marginalised people and groups;
  3. Empowering through sensitization of marginalized people and groups and strengthening community protection structures

In order to achieve the above mentioned objectives, the group proposes achievement of following result areas:

  1. By the end of the proposed project, access to and skills for decent work opportunities are developed for marginalised people and groups through establishment of a community based resource center;
  2. By the end of the proposed project, at-risk marginalised people and groups have access to a strong and functional network of law enforcement agencies, social protection schemes and support services to prevent and adequately respond to any form of exploitation;
  3. By the end of the proposed project, there is an increase in community ownership of protection of its members against any form of exploitation.

For this we propose establishment of resource centres in the areas with vulnerable communities and provide them with information about exploitation happening, legal structures that are available to help them if they are being exploited and all the data and also connect them to organizations which can help them develop their skills and also teach them life skills. Not only that if all the marginal community people chose to go through hiring procedure with the hiring agencies scrutinized by the resource centre the probability of a person from getting exploited will near down to zero.

The article is written by a group changemakers representing Action Agenda for Change 2020. The objectives and activities of the projects proposed are still work in progress.

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