April 19, 2019

Prime Minister Modi’s Foreign Policy Success Unnerves Domestic Opponent & Media rather than the Neighbours



Last evening tweets started to appear about MHA top officials in Muree Pakistan before and during the Mumbai Terror attack.

A clueless spokesperson from BJP instead of nailing the media,


Provides further justification for hyper ventilating by making inane statement moment the microphone is thrust in his face. Any person with minor pretentions of being a journalist would have naturally visited the airport and homes of the MHA officials in the aftermath of the terror attack to ascertain their location while the incident was unfolding.

26/11 did not deliver the results that congress wanted. Because one terrorist was arrested alive.This prevented the Congress (I) party from maligning the majority community,BJP and RSS



Prime Minister Modi returned home after a very successful overseas trip.


Normally domestic  media should have been gushing and singing high praises  about this. Instead television channels went into hyper mode about some incident related to 26/11/2008 Mumbai Terror attack.

This has raised many Questions?


Is the media in India naive?

What is the media attempting to achieve by hyper ventilating about this 8 years the event?

How is it those who were in bed with the congress government from 2004-2014 were unaware of this.

Why is it being presented as an act committed by Pakistan ?

Is it not possible that this was planned and executed by those in power?

Media was aware of this since 2008 why did it raise the issue  now?

Why did the media not investigate to find out the where about of the officials immediately after the terror attack?

This is a deliberate attempt to divert attention from the momentous success that the visit has been.

Media does not want give and talk about the credit for this success.

Media is still working in tandem with opposition Congress (I) party in Particular.

Media has ignored all the scam of Congress for extraneous reason and not because of lack of evidence or professional considerations.

Media has dropped down many notches after this cacophony by them.

Public is not biting the bait, Social Media will soon get into the act and place evidence in public domain to expose this dirty pole dance by media.

Times Now milking this information for TRPs instead of informing why it did not reveal this information for eight years?



Credit : Tweeples for posting their tweets PM’s photo from Google.


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