April 23, 2019

Private Schools High handed Appproach: Enough is Enough

Education is one of the best business and many politicians and businessman are running chains of schools.

There are clear guidelines on capitation fee and so many other issues. The reality is no one is concerned about respecting the law. Parents cooperate with school management out of compulsion. Donations are taken in cash in the name of stupid silly excuses like building fund, garden development fund, etc . No one wants to talk about it. Worst the state  and central governments are also aware of it.

The government can’t say that they are not aware of all these hanky panky jobs happening right under their noses. How can you expect middle class family to file FIR and fight the system. There are politicians from all political parties including BJP who are in education business.

Digital India should not be restricted to subsidies, it has to be employed if possible for all possible ministries. Education is one the most important ministries that need implementation without any delay.

I had written to Ex Education Minister Smt. Smiriti Irani through Smt Shilpi Tiwari and almost all the points for improvement were taken up by her. Before she could make necessary changes, she got transferred to Textiles.

This article covers the entire work.

Loop Holes in Education needs to be Plugged – Demonetisation

Search google and you will find endless cases of rape and molestation. Principal is responsible but what about the management, board of directors, etc.

Where do we move from here. Keep outraging and remain reactive as always? No.

Heard CEO of Ryan has applied for an anticipatory bail. Morning he made a statement that they are cooperating with police. If you haven’t done anything wrong then why get scared.?

The state government says in the interest of children they can’t shut the school. That’s right, but what prevents the state government in taking over the management and running it the way it should run. It should also check the bio data of each and every teacher and other staff. It should further check bank record of  school for monthly salary and the accounts of staff. Compromises are made. With pittance as salary you can’t expect quality. State and Central government all across India should take stock of the situation and take a call on whether existing managements are compromised or not. If yes, just go ahead and take over the entire set up.

Some may argue this is not possible over night. Everything is possible. A surgical strike on education mafia is a must. Let Government and Judiciary come together and find ways to fix this problem. No one should stay order. This has to be done with iron fist.


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