May 23, 2019

Prospects beyond Engineering

What all you must consider before you decide your graduate program. An exhaustive summary by Shreeya Agrawal and Shritika Bhardwaj.

As we all know that India is a developing country. The developed soldiers need backbone of science and technology for which we need engineers. Nowadays engineering students are facing lots of challenges for their bread and butter. Moreover the students really ignore the fact that they have a choice after their +2 of switching their careers to other streams like Humanities or Commerce they still run after Engineering and MBBS. When it comes to professional courses it has become a trend that a PCM student will go for engineering & a PCB student will opt for either MBBS or B.Sc. This scenario is very common now. Have other courses lost their sheen?

Engineering especially has seen an increase in the number of aspirants in the recent years. The main reason behind increased engineering aspirants or lost sheen of other courses is the fact that many private engineering colleges have been opened up increasing the number of seats, providing every person who thinks of engineering and opportunity to be an engineer. This has decreased the standard of engineered graduates who pass out each year. Nowadays, just having an Engineering degree doesn’t guarantee you a job. Acc. to a survey by NASSCOM (National Association of Software & Services Companies) of 2017, IT hiring may drop by 20% this year. For unemployed graduates, their “professional degree” is mere a rubber stamp.

So it becomes important for the students studying with Science subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Maths to be aware of the fact that they can go for careers even outside the science stream, owing to the prospective careers in all the subjects. Lately, there has been a big trend of Science students heading for commerce subjects like Economics, Business Administration, Business Management and the likes. So, even if you do not wish to take up a science-specific career, your science background may give you an added advantage in other careers as well.

Other than the mainstream engineering we have numerous other courses about which we are aware of, but because of xyz reasons we don’t pursue them. So let’s have a look at those.

  1. B.Sc.

After Engineering, B.Sc. programs are what 12th Science students choose often. When it comes to B.Sc. program, the course duration is 3 years. After graduation, one may go for PG course- M.Sc. It lasts for 2 years. Some good B.Sc. courses are-

  • B.Sc. Agriculture
  • B.Sc. Horticulture
  • B.Sc. Forestry
  • B.Sc. IT
  • B.Sc. Computer Science
  • B.Sc. Chemistry
  • B.Sc. Mathematics
  • B.Sc. Physics
  • B.Sc. Hotel Management
  • B.Sc. Nautical Science
  • B.Sc. Electronics
  • B.Sc. Electronics and Communication
  • B.Sc. Biotechnology
  • B.Sc. Animation and Multimedia

The beauty associated with B.Sc. program is that many top Universities are offering attractive scholarships for meritorious students! Also, when B.Sc. is followed up with M.Sc., one may build a good career in Research and Development field!

  1.  B.C.A.

B.C.A. stands for Bachelor of Computer Applications. Like B.Sc., B.C.A. too is a 3 years long course. This course focuses on Computers, software and applications, programming languages etc. After getting B.C.A. Degree, one may also go for PG course- M.C.A. It is a Master program and lasts 2 years. Talking about job opportunities, one may find jobs in both private as well as Government sectors. One may also venture into the teaching profession after doing M.C.A.!

 Job profiles available after completing the course are-

  • Software developer
  • Computer Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Software tester

Also, these are similar profiles which one may get after rigorous four years of engineering.

  1.  B. Arch.

 B.Arch. stands for Bachelor of Architecture. Explaining in simple terms, it is a branch that deals with planning and construction of homes, buildings, commercial structures, public utility structures etc. Duration of B.Arch. course is 5 years. Talking about job opportunities, one may get into MNCs and top players operating in the Construction as well as building sector. Also, if you are creative and passionate, you may also start up on your own, planning, designing and creating homes and small projects. Gradually, you may climb the ladder and branch out onto bigger ventures!

 Job profiles available after completing the course are-

  • Chief Architect
  • Assistant Architect
  • Resource Manager
  • Planning & Design professional
  1. B.Pharmacy

Many might be surprised on seeing B.Pharm. in this section! But yeah, even Mathematics group students may go for B.Pharm.! Pharmacy course is all about the pharmaceutical sector. It deals with topics such as making medicines, chemicals involved in making medicines, uses of medicines etc. This course is 4 years long. After completing B.Pharm., one may follow it up with the Master’s Degree- M.Pharm.! Talking about job opportunities, Pharmaceutical companies are the prime job providers. One may also get job in hospitals that hires chemists. Government sector jobs are also available for graduates, such as- in Government hospitals, as an Officer in the Drugs department etc. Opening one’s own shop is another option! A combination of B.Pharm. and M.Pharm. can also ensure you a job in Research sector as well as teaching sector!

 Job profiles available after completing the course are-

  • Pharmacist
  • Medical representative
  • Research professional
  1.  B.B.A. 

B.B.A. stands for Bachelor of Business Administration. This course has nothing to do with science stream. Still, science stream students are eligible to pursue it!  B.B.A. program’s duration is 3 years. On completion, one may also go for M.B.A. (Master of Business Administration), which lasts for 2 years.

Job opportunity includes private sector jobs mostly. Managerial posts in MNCs will be a good place for B.B.A. grads to start off! Job profiles include-

  • HR Management
  • Material Management
  • Administrative roles
  1.  Commercial Pilot Training 

After 12th standard, Mathematics group students may also go for Commercial Pilot training and become a Commercial Pilot! For this, they have to attend a Flight Training school. The course duration varies from one institute to another! In general, it lasts between 2-3 years. After finishing training, one may land the job of a Ferry pilot or Commercial pilot in Private or Nationalized Airline companies! After retirement, one may also become a trainer.

  1.  Diploma Course in Fire Safety and Technology

This is a job oriented course that 12th science Mathematics group students may pursue. There are many private institutes offering Diploma as well as certificate programs, when it comes to this course. Duration of the course may vary from one institute to another. But usually, it is between 1-3 years. Job profiles consists of-

  • Safety Engineer
  • Fire Safety Officer
  • Safety Management professional
  • Safety Technology Consultant
  1.  Merchant Navy related courses 

Looking from career prospects’ point of view, Merchant Navy is a well rewarding sector! The remuneration is generally high. But the work involved requires hard work and determination. Talking about Merchant Navy sector, there are various job posts available, like- Marine Engineer, Sailor etc. Based on the job post, there are number of courses available too. Some of the courses are- marine technology and engineering and diploma course to become sailor.

  1.  Join Armed Forces

Okay, most of the students do aim for this one. Well, in-fact this is a good option, but there is an age limit. You have to be 19 years old or younger to appear for NDA (National Defence Academy) exam. You must also have completed your 12th standard exams with A group. If you manage to pass NDA exam and SSB interview, you will get admission in NDA, Pune. You have to do a B.Sc. course there along with military training and studies. After 3 years in NDA and a year at IMA (Indian Military Academy), you will get a job in Indian Armed forces as an officer.

  1.  Diploma courses

If you don’t get admission in engineering, you can take admission in Diploma engineering (Mechanical/Chemical/Electrical/Civil and most other prominent Engineering disciplines). After completing your diploma, you can go for a degree. After you get your diploma, you have to attend an engineering college for only 2 years to get a degree using the lateral entry scheme! Some traditional technical diploma courses are-

  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
  • Diploma in Electrical Engineering
  • Diploma in Civil Engineering
  • Diploma in Chemical Engineering
  • Diploma in Mining Engineering
  • Diploma in Computer Science Engineering
  • Diploma in Marine Engineering
  • Diploma in Metallurgy
  • Diploma in Sound Engineering

Apart from the traditional Diploma Engineering programs, there exists many other job oriented Diploma courses too. Some such job oriented Diploma courses that one may pursue are-

  • Diploma in Print Media Journalism
  • Diploma in Animation and Multimedia
  • Diploma in Film making, Video production and Editing
  • Diploma in Interior Designing
  • Diploma in Jewellery Designing
  • Diploma in Education Technology
  • Diploma in Retail Management
  • Diploma in Fashion Designing
  • Diploma in Banking and Finance
  • Diploma in Yoga Education
  • Diploma in Event Management
  1. Other good courses

There are various other good courses like Hotel Management, Welding Technology and Software/Hardware courses. These courses also offer good job opportunities. Make sure that you get admission in an institute that is approved by the Government. Science stream students are also eligible to pursue courses like B.Com., Chartered Accountancy and even relevant B.A. programs, Performing Arts, Language Courses (Foreign Languages are promising), B.M.S. (Management course) or B.H.M. (Bachelor of Hotel Management), Diploma in Film Making and Video Editing, Air Hostess/Cabin Crew training course, Diploma in Event Management, Teaching & Education courses (B.Ed & M.Ed), Air Hostess training, Event management courses, Hospitality Diploma courses, Law and many more. The list be endless. So think upon your interests.

Maybe initially you had interest in science but after two years of study you realise that this is not what you want, so fellas switch your stream and build your career in something that interests you. There is nothing wrong in pursuing what interests you. Choosing the right career might be one of the most important decisions that one makes. Being satisfied with what you do on a daily basis is the key to success and happiness.

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