May 20, 2019

PSC – Will the Demonetisation Exercise be Wasted?


Cmax is a term used in pharmacokinetics refers to the maximum (or peak) serum concentration that a drug achieves in a specified compartment or test area of the body after the drug has been administrated and before the administration of a second dose.


This graph has to be understood in context of Demonetisation.

November 8, 2016 announcement is done. The peak is supposed to reach on December 30, 2016. Will the government achieve the goal? The answer to this question is Yes for some and No for many.

The whole idea of this exercise was to compel the hoarders of Black Money to either come out in open and declare their illgotten money to Income Tax or as Modiji said put the cash in Gangaji. In terms of some tangible achievements yes the government has set the ball rolling for CASHLESS TRANSACTIONS. We are happy to see unorganised business switching to this new way CASHLESS TRANSACTIONS, non stop raids to seize new / old currency and arrest the culprits, happy to see corrupt officers in banking industry being identified and arrested with speed of light, happy to see Modiji asking his MP and MLAs  to declare their transactions, happy to see government trying it’s best to make life easy in terms of getting maximum 2000 and 500 notes by using helicopter also to reduce transit time to branch, the list of Being Happy is endless yet insignificant as the source of Black Money generation is not plugged.

It was a blessing in disguise that media played the story of political parties can deposit cash collection in old currency. This is the TURNING POINT in many ways to the exercise of Demonetisation. Citizens standing in queue, facing hardships in day to day life and still happy and supporting Modiji was unusual. The reason is they want to see high and mighty who used to be their neighbour, may be stay in the vicinity, some who could not afford a second hand Bajaj Super to be caught. That has not happened. Practically each town in India would have half a dozen such powerful politician. 

Genuine explanation is given by Ministry of Finance and the basis is IT Act. Then we had learned Modiji fans who shared the various salient points of the ACT. Great. The writer knows it can’t be changed overnight. But a word from the government to amend the ACT would have come as booster dose to the entire exercise of Demonetisation. Worst is the the recommendation came from Election Commission to reduce the limit of CASH DONATION to INR 2000/-.

We are few days away to December 30, 2016 and Peak Serum Concentration is about to be achieved. This will happen only if all political parties are asked to go 100% cashless for donations.

Over 75% of the donations are in cash and we expect Black Money to be eliminated. Let us accept the reality and demand from the present day government that there can’t be any compromises on this. We take pride in sharing pictures and videos of vegetable vendor using PayTm, etc. Did we find any political party or any leader announcing that future donations will be CASHLESS.

The definition of Section 13 A speaks about maintenance of books of accounts and that political parties do not work for profit. has covered this in best possible way.

The build up of 2014 campaign was broadly on two issues.

Development and

Eliminating corruption.

Modiji is experienced and learned. Sometime back he had spoken about  “Zero defect, Zero effect” in manufacturing. Same has to be applied in political parties donations. Without 100% CASHLESS Donations the citizen are bound to feel cheated. It can’t be one way traffic.

Article by Shri J Gopikrishnan in The Pioneer speaks volumes about the sorry state of affairs and seriousness to curb Black Money.

Act may take time to be amended or probably never get amended but just the way Modiji has asked his leaders to share Bank Account details post November 8, 2016, same way if he announces that BJP shall not take any CASH donations henceforth.  This will give required and missing seriousness in DEMONETISATION exercise. Proactive approach is need of the hour. Else the people who have been praising the move shall go against the government, opposition is anyway busy spreading rumors. Why waste a Golden Opportunity?

10 days and one major voluntary announcement.

Will Modiji go for it? Will Peak Serum Concentration be achieved?

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